Thursday, July 8, 2010

America's Birthday Weekend Remembered

A top notch parade, barbecue, sunshine, and music all contributed to a glorious Fourth of July holiday. 

For some unknown reason, fife and drum units make my heart sing. Several of them participated in the July 4 Parade in a western Massachusetts city.

Gargantuan balloons bobbed along the parade route, too, adding color and a touch of bouncing whimsy.


  Can you imagine if this bell started ringing?

Swirls of color added dash to this joyous occasion of our country's birthday. What a weekend everyone had!  What great memories we made.

A delicious lunch of grilled sirloin cheeseburgers and hot dogs, potato and three bean salads, chips with clam dip, and spicy noodle casserole all tasted yummy. Best of all was being invited as guests so there was no cooking to do! Hurray!  Dessert eaters had homemade cherry cheesecakes and/or Ben and Jerry's chunky monkey ice cream.



middle child said...

Favorite ice cream? Um,...yeah. All the cold ones.

BECKY said...

Hi Susan! Wonderful photos! I love the fife and drums, too. I would say I'm not particularly an avid parade watcher, but I'm not against them either! LOL
And favorite ice cream flavor?? I get vanilla most often, but like just about all of them! I really love "lemon flavored" ice cream! NOT sorbet or shorbert...but ice cream. I used to have it as a little girl in Iowa, but cant find it anymore. Have you ever heard of it?

kathy taylor said...

Fabulous pics! My hubby was ill 4th of July and the day after. After reading your blog, I feel as though I didn't miss as thing. Thank you for such beautiful photos and for sharing your day with us, Susan.

Susan said...

Welcome to Kathryn, this blog's 114th Follower! Thank you, Kathryn, so much for joining us. Hope you visit frequently. Sincerely, Susan

Rebecca said...

What a perfect celebration! Great parade, delectable menu; all enjoyed in the company of friends!

Dayle said...

Postcard perfect! And, yes, to answer your question on my blog today, it is hot here, although today we had quite the cold front with highs in the low 80's. Couldn't believe it.

Chatty Crone said...

That was a real nice parade - I don't think we had one here in our area. We had fireworks though. My favorite flavor is Phish Food. Sandie

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