Friday, August 27, 2010

For Cindy's Show and Tell Friday: Rescued: A Pink Velvet, Tufted Chair

A dear friend from high school days knows my tastes in interior decorating and furniture. Luckily, she's a yard sale fanatic who goes to sales frequently. Almost always she finds quality pieces at great bargain prices. She rarely ever pays the asking price since she's a savvy negotiator.

One Sunday morning, the doorbell rang. It was my friend. She had a kind of worried look on her face.

     "I didn't have my cell phone," she said, almost out of breath.  "There's a great chair at a yard sale but I didn't buy it because I didn't know if you would want it.  Do you?" 

She described the chair and, of course, it sounded like a perfect addition to our living room.  It had curvy wooden legs and gold-headed tacks in a design on the end of each arm.'

    "Okay," she said, rushing out the door. "I've got to go back and get it before somebody else picks it up. It might even be gone."

   "Wait," I yelled out to her. "I'll give you the $25." 

     "Pay me when I get back," she called back, getting into her car, closing the door, and speeding away.

A short while later, she returned with the chair sticking out of her car. It looked pretty perfect to me.

     Now that's what I call a great friend, don't you?



Bella said...

Hi Susan... What a great friend you have! I am a sucker for tufted velvet... and pink to boot!! Beautiful!!

Adrienne said...

Seriously cute chair.

Susan said...

Welcome to Mary from Hope Filled Living, this blog's 127th Follower! You will always be welcome here, Mary! Thank you for Following! It's great to have you.

And thanks to Bella and Adrienne, too, for visiting and following. Many, many thanks to ALL of this blog's Followers.You add so much to my life! Love, Susan

Susan said...

Love the chair!!

Chatty Crone said...

That is a great friend - wow - and she knows your taste - it's a great chair.


Vintagesouthernlife said...

Cute chair and great friend. It is great to have someone that knows you so well and looks out for you.


I love that chair!!! I love the color!! It's perfect!

Linda O'Connell said...

Great friend and great find. You are so blessed.

Claus said...

Great story! great chair! and great friend! Again,so lucky you have yard, garage and garden sales!! no such thing around here :-(
have a lovely day!!

Leann said...

Sounds like my kinda gal! Love it!


Atticmag said...

You found a beauty. It's a wonderful chair. I don't find furniture at yard sales where I live but I sometimes find it on the street in NYC. Just too many pieces still sitting in the basement waiting for me. I'm too busy blogging (or is that blabbing). LOL.

BTW - we have a unique kitchen backsplash giveaway that might be useful to you or a friend. Please stop by our Giveaway Friday! Jane F.

Nancy's Notes said...

OH my, now that is what I call a great friend! She really found an awesome chair for you, it's really so pretty!


Tammy said...

ha! Now that is a good friend! Great chair. My aunt bought one for $5 at a yard sale. The material on it was a little scratchy but a nice throw over it and a great little chair to sit in and read. Hope you have a great weekend. :) Tammy

Dayle said...

That's a great friend and a great chair!

Susan said...

Hi Everybody! Loved hearing from each of you.

WELCOME to Linda Patrick, this blog's 128th flower. Thank you for Following, Linda. So happy to see your photo there in the Followers block!

Hope each of you reading has a super Friday! Love, Susan

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Hi Susan!
Loverly chair!!
The kitchen island on my About Me page was an early morning delivery for me by a friend. Only it was free -- she wanted to bless me!
(I had to transform it, but that wasn't the point ;)
Thank God for loving, thoughtful friends!

Karen said...

WOW! What a friend!! You are one lucky gal... and I don't just mean getting a new chair.
Have a great weekend.
Ladybug Creek

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