Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Gathering of Birds

Want to see a little birdie vignette on a triple mirrored shelving unit in an upstairs bathroom?

Three birds sit together. One has his wings covering his eyes.

Another is a fat pink ceramic baby bird. The third, and hardest to photograph, is a transparent bird.

Behind the birds is a colorful bird card by Artist Noelle Horsfield (see an August 24th post on her on this blog). 

The second and third shelves hold a colorful paperweight collection.  Placing the paperweights on mirrored surfaces doubles their appeal.

It's fun to create little scenes such as this in one's home.  With birdies in the picture, it's truly one way to make a "home tweet home."



T's Daily Treasures said...

People on this side of the world can't imagine decorating the bathroom so they are always amazed when they see mine. It is decorated floor to ceiling, just like every other space around here. Even the fridge is filled with magnets from around the world and those given to me by friends. :

A little sports cream and then I wrap my hand with gauze to keep the joint still -- so far I am managing and hope that this will do the trick. Won't go to the doctor unless absolutely necessary. They will likely just want to put a splint on it and I don't need anything bulky. Back to work tomorrow and I will have tons of typing to do.

Have a super Saturday! :) Tammy

Linda O'Connell said...

But of course, doesn;t everyone decorate the necessary room? Your collection is cute.

Susan said...

Yeah! Welcome to Erin, this blog's 129th Follower! Soooooo happy to have you.

Hope Claus, Linda, and ALL readers of today's post have a great day! Love, Susan

Doni said...

Loving your blog! Those glass paperweights are so pretty! And yes, of course I decorate the necessary room! Who wants to sit in bordom in there???
Blessings, Doni

Susan said...

LOL... yes I decorate in the "necessary room". What a fun post, Susan. You crack me up. I love the bird with its wings over its eyes. So cute.

You have such a delightful blog. And congrats on all your followers!

Hope you have a great day too,

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Hello, there! Thank you for the follow! I'm loving your blog; those little birds are adorable :) ♥

Karen Lange said...

Love the paperweights! My Mom used to collect them. Yes, I decorate a bit - just enough to be homey and friendly, not too much to be overpowering.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

The paperweights attract me. Perhaps it's the colors.

My "necessary room" is tiny, so I'm limited. Most of my decorating comes in the form of color - purple and green.

Susan :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I have before but currently mine is so tiny...I do have some things on the wall.

Dianne said...

Lovely little display! I'm sure it brings color and delight into your bathroom... Love the idea of placing them on a mirror... especially the glass items... Sparklie!

Chatty Crone said...

I don't decorate as pretty as that. sandie

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