Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Morning Breakfasts: Occasions to Rejoice

It's important to establish traditions since they add to the enjoyment and spice of life.

A fairly new tradition around here is serving special Sunday morning breakfasts to a couple of very dear family members. Because they both work full time jobs, it's impossible to get together during the week. But come Sunday morning, they are willing and able to join our family for breakfast.

It's fun to think of different menus as well as table settings. I love to make everything look lovely, right down to colorful, different designed napkins and matching floral arrangements.  Some weeks it's kept fairly simple; other weeks crystal glasses and more elegant serving dishes are pulled out.

 Each week  different patterns of main plates are used for the breakfast since variety adds a little zest!

The menu has been varied, too. Some weeks it might be blueberry pancakes and sausage with real maple syrup. Other weeks, mushroom/tomato/cheese/and onion omelets with crisp bacon and toasted wheat toast or homemade corn muffins are on the menu.

Shown here is berry medley, a combination of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, simply sprinkled with a little sugar and served in a pretty glass dish! Simple and sumptuous!

Here's a pretty white tablecloth with blue flowers that decorated the table at a recent breakfast:

It's great to see these family members and make them happy by serving a special breakfast. Sometimes even more people are invited to join us. It's a nice tradition, don't you think?

The weeks I'm unable to host the breakfast, I actually miss it, even though it's a lot of work.
Wish I could invite all my dear blog friends, one by one, to Sunday morning breakfast. Wouldn't that be fun?



Linda O'Connell said...

I love this table cloth! What a great idea, serving breakfasts instead of dinners. Nice tradition. You must have plenty of storage space if you can change your dishes from week to week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan. I think that's a great idea! It's such a nice way to not only start the day, but to start the week. How kind of you. Thank you so much for all your sweet support. It helps me feel stronger.

Andrea said...

We may have had some traditions in the past, but now that the sons are in their 30's, we'll wait until we have grandkids to start some new ones. Won't that be exciting?
May I ask how you do your kitchen windows? Do you have something blue behind the stained glass? I have an unsightly neighbor's backyard that I have to see when I do the dishes. I would prefer to see something like what you have.
hugs and happy Sabbath

Jan Cline said...

I love doing that for friends. I have been known to have a full blown 4 course luncheon for my friends on fancy china. What fun it is.

Susan said...

NOTE TO ANDREA: Andrea, the neighbor's house is blue. I don't have any film on my windows, or anything like that. Also, I think the time of day I snapped the photo is called the "blue hour." Just looks like there's something on the windows but there's not. Hope that helps.

Maybe you could use stencils that look like lace and "paint" the windows to block that unsightly view. Just a thought.

Thanks to everyone who has visited and commented. You are all the pizazz and make me so very, very happy. Susan

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

What a lovely tradition :) I love that blue floral tablecloth! ♥

Susan Roux said...

What a wonderful tradition! Your table is lovely. Your guests must be honored to join you!

Dianne said...

Lovely tradition, table and kitchen... I know your breakfast guests are so appreciative...

Elizabeth said...

What a great new tradition! Breakfast is my favorite meal, and enjoying it with friends in such a lovely setting would make it even more enjoyable!
I've added you to the New England Bloggers list! Welcome!

Kansas Amy said...

A great tradition, thank you for sharing. Your table looks set up so pretty!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sunday starts the school and work week. I've been here 16 years, and still can't get used to the odd weekend. Our tradition is going out to eat Friday afternoon, sometimes just us, sometimes with friends. During Ramadan, everything is closed until after the sun sets, so we aren't doing that and the kids miss it. We enjoy trying new, different restaurants each week. Or going for Japanese food over and over again. :) Hope you are having a fabulous day. Tammy

Chatty Crone said...

I think that is a fabulous idea and a great tradition. Looked lovely, sandie

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