Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Place That Appeals to All the Senses: Vermont Country Store

(This is a side entrance to the Vermont Country Store)

Mail order catalogs are among the many obsessions that make life interesting.

An absolute favorite mail order catalog comes from the Vermont Country Store in Weston.  It is always good for at least an hour of "dreaming" time. 

On a recent trip to Vermont for a relaxation weekend, a glance at the map showed close proximity to Weston.  Hot ziggedy dog!  A stop at the Vermont Country Store is worth the trip, in itself.

So on the way back to Massachusetts, it was off to Weston.  The next hour and a half provided sheer joy and shopping pleasure.

There is a lot to see, smell, hear, touch, and taste at the Vermont Country Store. In the cheese room, workers cut a startling variety of Vermont cheese into tiny bites visitors can sample. Same with their summer sausages, pepperoni, and so on. It's nibble heaven for the cheese lover.

Candy connosseurs won't go away disappointed, either. The selection at the store would make a kid do a wild happy dance. It's way too tempting for people who don't eat sugar, though, and  sugar lovers trying to avoid the stuff have to exit that area pretty doggone quickly.

The glassware section is a heart-pounder, especially the pink glass selections. (The prices are pretty steep, though, so not too much buying was feasible)

There are more taste possibilities of jams and dips such as shown in this shot to the left.

Raggedy Ann and Andy are there at the store as well as a laughing monkey that shakes when the magic laughter button is pushed!

People, people, and more people enjoy the immense variety of merchandise at the Vermont Country Store.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh what a fun store to visit! I love to 'taste test' fun foods~

Bookie said...

You are walking in places I have been, making me want to see them again! I have been there and still get a catalog once in a while.

Now you must go up highway 5 on west side of Vermont..see Lincoln home. Have you done that yet? And somewhere(I am turned around) you can cross a border into NH and see Robert Frost home! Got to go to Vermont some more for me,Susan, ha,ha.

Was 101 here you were cooler!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - I love that catalog - it has so many wonderful items and it's a blast from the past. So you live near the store. How cool is that. sandie

Dayle said...

Hello! That's my kind of store. Never heard of it. (BTW, we're about 30 miles from Detroit.)

Susan Roux said...

Yes, here in Maine I receive it, but never thought the store was so cool. Thanks for giving us a peek. I just may have to go there someday...

Linda O'Connell said...

I have been there and it is wonderful! Have you ever been to Polly's Pancakes in Franconia Notch, NH?

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...


Thank you for sharing this! If I had a store I would want it to be just like this.

Have a wonderful day,


Claus said...

chocolate and jam!!!
pity catalog buying does not exist here in Guatemala. One can order from the US though: one has to have a contract with a courier company here in Guatemala, who gives you your own PO Box address in the US, for you to order, and then for them to bring here. It is quite expensive though, especially if packages weigh too much. I have ordered some dolls (my mom collects porcelain dolls) and Christmas decor, but it is not, say, a monthly thing. It's kind of pricey.
Wonder, now, how many goodies from the Vermont Country Store I would be tempted to spend my money on!
have a great day!

diane stetson said...

I like the monkey the best!

Minnie Kitchen said...

looks like so heaven! thanks for sharing the pics~

nannykim said...

I still get their catalogue. I grew up in CT and VT and we would often stop at the store. I miss it!

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