Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blue Bird, Blue Bird, Through My Window

Remember the song with the words, "Blue bird, blue bird through my window?"  It's part of my childhood memories.

For some reason, bird decor attracts me almost as much as the real tweeters.  Whenever I see a birdie at a tag, yard, or estate sale, chances are pretty sure it's coming home with me. My collection usually lines window sills.

When we were kids, whenever a bird left a big dropping somewhere, we'd say,  "Oh, looks like the bluebird of happiness visited you."  Then we'd all laugh our heads off.

Wouldn't you know it, something really strange happened to me the other day. I parked my car in the lot of a big mall while waiting for my passenger to come out of one of the stores. The day was bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky. Since it was a parking lot, not a single tree dotted the landscape.

Because I always have paper and a pen nearby, I was using the waiting time to write (my favorite past time.) All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I heard a loud "splat." A bird left a huge plop on the car windshield. Where that bird came from I will never know. It must have been in mid-flight in the sky somewhere above the mall when it let its plop rip.

My first reaction was one of horror. "The nerve," I thought, looking out my window and up into the sky. There was no bird in sight. "Brother," I said, and starting scrounging around the car for paper napkins.

Then, I thought about the bluebird of happiness quote and burst out laughing, despite the messy situation.  Whoever saw me laughing my head off all by myself inside the car must have thought the lady with the short brown hair had lost a few marbles.  

Once the bird poop was cleaned up, I took one last glance up into the heavens.

    "Blue bird of happiness," I thought. "Next time, go visit somebody else!"



Linda O'Connell said...

I've always heard that when a bird poops on you ir your car it's good luck. Hope something wonderful happened after that splat.

Bookie said...

Never heard the childhood song, but the rest is a funny story! I have no birds like yours but I do have lots of birds sitting around including a pair of pretty blues...but they are not the fine glass like your pretty birds.

Kansas Amy said...

Awww.. those birds are just ADORABLE!! Sorry about the bird, I guess when you have to go.. you have to go.. :0)

diane stetson said...

You know the song "Bluebird, bluebird through my window"...well I guess you have to change the words to "Bluebird, bluebird, ON my window" ..Oh Johnny I am tired. ha ha ha

Nancy's Notes said...

What a cute post, first chuckle of the morning, thank you! Sorry about your birdie p**p, but love your blue birdies, they are precious!

Enjoy your day~

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We played a game to the Bluebird song. A group of us (little girls) would stand in a circle holding hands and another girl would weave in and out between us while we sang. Great memories!! Oh, the bluebird of happiness visited me while I was pumping gas before work. I had to go home and wash my hair.

Jessica said...

I adore birds of all kind but had to giggle because I was sitting at a red light a few days ago and plop....on my windshield and 2 inches from my arm on my window~ yikes!

Love the bluebirds. :)

Hope Filled Living said...

I love the blue and just the reflection of it through your window. I use props like this as inspiration sometimes when I write. The stained glass heart is beautiful.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Susan: I just love your blue birds. I remember that song so well. I have a bird story, I was shopping downtown L.A., and a bird pooped on my head. Not a happy ending, I am afraid. I still remember how gross it was and and I was in my teens. Had not thought about it for years. Now, it does seem funny. I want to thank you for praying for me. I still need prayer. Your the best! Blessings, Martha

Dayle said...

OMW! I have the funniest story of a "visiting" bird that let out a plop. The Man and I were at the beach, both laying on lounge chairs, face down. All of a sudden, he yells out, "Is there poop on my butt?" Well, here I am, not sure what on earth he's talking about and wondering if he'd had a terrible accident or something (LOL). I shot up and said, "What?" He repeated himself, with great clarity. I looked and, sure enough, one of the little seagulls had made an offering right there on The Man's hinder quarters, so to speak. Ugh!! Guess who got to clean it up?

Rebecca said...

I hope our WORST bird visits are history since we got rid of our large backyard mulberry tree a month or so ago!

These 3 blue birds are beautiful in both simplicity and color. I them!

And I DO remember that song.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You know I love those Blue Birds of Happiness! Oh yes I've had my share of 'plops'!! Funny story!

LDH said...

Well, at least you were inside of your car when the bird flew overhead!
Very sweet little blue birds you have!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Just found your blog! Love the blue-bird of happiness song!!! If I saw you laughing, I would have thought, hmmm, something has tickled her funny bone! And yes, I've been visited several times - once coming out of the subway in Boston on my way to work, thankfully he only skimmed my shoulder/arm, then the following week, same day, about the same time! Only this time his aim was better and he caught the end of my hair, but thankfully I had a coat on! When you have a moment please visit my new blog, I love getting new visitors, it's so exciting! I really enjoyed my visit today, thank you!

Chatty Crone said...

Remember the song that has these words - 'Mr. Bluebird on my shoulders'? I think it was Song of the South.


Susan said...

"Hello" all you little sweeties who visited and commented.

To be honest, I was a little bit worried about this post. Didn't know whether it would offend anyone or, if it was even worthy of a post. I mean, there are so many other things to write about.

Plus, it's hard to write humor. One person's perception of humor may differ markedly from another's. However, it turned out well and hopefully, it gave each of you a chuckle.

Now, shall I wish for the bluebird of happiness to visit YOU next? ha ha ha Love, Susan

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