Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Looking Up to Trees

Okay, here comes a weird admission:  I am in love with trees.

Their gnarly trunks, their branches, and their leafy attire all fascinate me.

Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, trees are special and beautiful. 

Whenever a tree gets cut down, it saddens me. We had two trees in our front yard when we bought this house. One of them began to die. Consultation with a tree expert revealed that the tree was not going to make it.

Still, I refused to let my husband order its demise until branches started falling down on my head. A couple of times they really hurt. The brick sidewalk in front of our house began to be littered with bare, fallen branches so then I knew it was time.

Even today, when I see the stump where the tree used to be, it makes me sad. But, just like people we love, eventually we have to say goodbye to them.

These days, the neighbors must think I have a few marbles missing because I go around with my camera, looking up into the branches of nearby trees, taking photos. These beautiful autumn leaves render me breathless.



Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Susan, Your photos are beautiful. I check outside everyday to see if our leaves are turning. Just a little color here in Richmond so far.
xo, Sherry

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Good morning, I also love trees. To me that's what makes fall so amazing. My last post was about Tree Sculptures at Fruitlans Musuem in Harvard MA. They really are something to see. Stop by and have a quick look at my blog, especially if you like trees!!

Bookie said...

I feel for and with trees. A couple of years ago the city (due to power lines)took out the tree we planted with one of our sons was born. I wept. This morning and yesterday we listen to the grinding of oak limbs as large as a tree themselves. Hated to do it but limbs were over the roof, dragging on it, dangerous. It needed to be done two years ago after we survived history's worst ice storm here. HATE the sounds and even the "feel" of those lovely limbs going into the chipper!!!

I too showed some of our autumn tree beauty on my blog. Guess we all are in same mood.

Lively pics, Susan!

Claus said...

What do I love about them? Everything!! They are, indeed, a work of art. And like you said, they have a unique beauty in every season. Right now, I'm sure, people are all admiring - some of us wish we could have one near - the beauty of the fall on them. Look at those pictures you are sharing! gorgeous.
Did you consider planting another tree? "plant two for every fallen tree" they say in here, inviting people to re-forest.
have a lovely day!

diane stetson said...

I have lost four trees in my yard since I purchased my house. The last one died do to a termite tenting. It was right in my front patio and I miss it terribly...just the stump is there. The trees really don't turn colors in So. Cal...your pictures are so pretty!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love trees! Love when the leaves rustle in the wind. Your photos are beautiful.

Rebecca said...

High winds have completely removed all leaves from the trees that were red & orange just two days ago!

Even still, I love trees. Now,outside our dining room windows, their bare silhouettes stand bold and strong against the clear blue sky.

Soon, snow will coat the limbs and branches and they will sparkle as sunlight plays with them... And then will come the delicate buds before the green.

I love their shapes. I love their sizes. I love their shade.

Donna said...

Oh, Susan, I couldn't agree more - I LOVE them, too!! We've planted so many in our little yard over the years... two hoppa crabs, a couple of maples, birches, a mulberry... Sometimes we toy with the idea of moving and we always wonder if the new owner would keep the trees, because it would hurt so bad to drive by and see them all chopped down (that has happened with several houses in our neighborhood that have sold.. the new owners just come in and chopped all the trees down). I couldn't bear to see that happen to our little yard! Your photos are STUNNING!!!... Donna

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