Saturday, November 13, 2010

FLYING INTO SUNRISE: Post for Saturday, November 13, 2010

There are times in life when something so profound  and wonderful occurs that it's hard to breathe.

Falling madly in love might qualify.  Suddenly every day seems miraculous. The sun shines brighter, people are more pleasant, and there's a lightness to one's step. Looking into a lover's eyes makes the heart beat fast and furious. How could such a person have fallen totally in love with "moi?"  One wants to dance, sing, and shout, "I love you," from every hill, building, and street corner.

Then, the birth of a new life might be one of those profound times. One sees the little one's perfectly formed lips, the sleeping eyes, the tiny fingers and toes, all so fresh from heaven, and a feeling of utter amazement  and overflowing love fills the heart to the breaking point.

Something besides falling in love or seeing a new baby happened to me recently. It was not as profound as those experiences but definitely filled my heart with intense gratitude just to be alive.  Passengers on an airplane, my husband and I were on the way to our son's wedding in the southwest.

The inside of the plane was quiet as it was pre-dawn. What a heck of a time to be flying but ours was an economy fare and less than convenient.  We had already been in the air quite a spell and my eyes felt sleepy.

As I glanced out of the plane's small, square window, an orange line appeared to be painted along the horizon.  Squinting to get a better look, I soon realized it was the beginning of a sunrise. Watching intently,  I saw the colors in the sky begin to change. Below the horizon a sea of fluffy white clouds filled a huge expanse of sky.

The heavens to my left  lightened and brightened and then the sun made a sudden appearance, first as a round rim of fiery red and then as brilliant gold, visibly announcing a new and precious day of life.

I inhaled and held my breath, totally unaccustomed to flying into a sunrise. The magnificence of the occasion squeezed my soul.  Humbled by such  an awesome experience, I felt tears fill my eyes as I continued to stare out of the airplane window. 

The sun seemed to say "Welcome" to the new day, to life, and to all the passengers in a plane above a sea of clouds. What a thrilling way to start the day!



diane stetson said...

Breathtaking experience. I never would see a sunrise as I always sleep in whenever possible..sunsets maybe but not sunrises...what lovely photos.

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Wow Susan! What an absolutely wonderful experience! I'm so thrilled for you!

Thank you for sharing a phenomenal moment in your life with us!


Chatty Crone said...

When I see things like this - I think of how powerful God really is. sandie

Dianne said...

Wow... These pictures are stunning... How lucky you are to have seen it. Thanks for sharing!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Whenever I am up early, and the house is quiet, I always try to get the best possible sunrise picture. No matter how many times I take the same picture, I still it to be quite beautiful. Hope you are having a great day. :) Tammy

Rebecca said...

I have second-hand tears just from seeing these awesome pictures!

Heaven's Walk - said...

What an inspirational experience for you, Susan! Not to mention beautiful pics. I think it was God's way of saying, "Good morning! I placed this sun in the sky just for you today, Susan!" :) Have a blessed time at the wedding!

xoxo laurie

Susan said...

Oh Susan, what amazingly breath taking photos. I have never once been in a plane before in my life. I've only seen shots taken from them, but I have to admit, your photos are honestly the most gorgeous I've ever seen. How incredibly blessed you must have felt to see something so magnificently beautiful. It must be a good sign for the wedding of your son's wedding. I hope you will all have just the loveliest time.

Susan @ CluckleBees

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful pictures reminded me that no matter how crappy the weather down below on earth, the sun is always shining above in the amazing heavens. It is wonderful how you can catch the most perfect see things that most of us don't! What a gifted person you are.xo xoxoxoxoxoxoxo BB

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