Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday's Post: A Talented Friend Fills Santa's Sleigh

When we lived in the southwest, one of my dearest friends got the prize for having the most unique and beautiful things around her house.

It was always such a delight to to visit her. Not only did I love her, I loved seeing all her interior decorating touches. Best of all, she was a mega thrift store shopper! She could spot a bargain a mile away.

At Christmas time,  one of the most beautiful decorations she had was a sleigh drawn by a team of reindeer. It looked like crystal but it was actually made from plastic. It was drop dead gorgeous.

Fast forward several years and a major move brought us back to New England. While on the yard sale circuit last fall, I hit the jackpot.  The estate of a lady who had died had absolutely gorgeous artifacts for sale. The deceased lady certainly had impeccable taste and I admired all the lovely things she left behind.

There, on one of the tables, was, guess what?  Santa's sleigh, almost identical to my southwestern friend's. The only difference is this sleigh had just two reindeer pulling its glittery exterior.  The sale proprietors wanted $10 for the sleigh. When asked if they would accept $5, they agreed and I nearly keeled over from joy.

Another very dear friend who lives on the east coast does extremely attractive floral arrangements.  I've posted about some of her unique creations in the past.  After showing her my Christmasy sleigh with the golden glitter, I asked her if she could create some kind of arrangement for it.

Off she went with Santa's miniature sleigh with two reindeer. A few days later she returned and had filled the sleigh with colorful holiday decor. (CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO ENLARGE) 

The sleigh centerpiece just about galloped down the middle of the dining room table all through the holidays. It elicited quite a few positive comments.

It's almost too pretty to pack away but that's what I'm going to do, sooner than later.

Aren't friends wonderful?



T's Daily Treasures said...

Very pretty! My hairdresser and friend Kathy is like that. She has decorated most of her home with finds from the Friday Market. I swear I think she is just a magnet for fantastic finds. I could go on the same day and come away with nothing spectacular and she could outfit a whole room. :) And, of course, there is Shereen who takes every moment and can turn it into a special occasion. Friends like that really do make things extraordinary. Blessings to you and yours! Tammy

Linda O'Connell said...

You seem to have a knack for decorating too, Susan. Can't wait to see your January decor. Happy New Year.

Dianne said...

I absolutely love the sleigh and what your friend filled it with!

Rebecca said...

I agree with Linda, Susan! I can imagine your join in finding the reindeer - and how it reminds you of your friend...Beautifully done - and a fine centerpiece for just about any type of holiday meal!

The Barn Door said...

BEAUTIFUL!! What an awesome find and the story to go with it!! As a former Florist, I can say without doubt, your friend did a magnificent job!
Happy New Year!

diane stetson said...

I have a very talented family but I live too far away from them to ever get any of their lovely work....sisters, neices, etc...they are blessed with artistic talent. Wish I inherited some of it!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Oh my gosh....I could fill this entire space with my friends' talent! From my hairstylist who I call "The Color Queen" to Debbie who's beachhouse-cottage style is perfect to Linda who has an intelligently quirky way of writing to Jo who knows where to place everything in her house in the perfect spot to Maria who's house I just swoon over.....ya see what I mean?? lol! My life is BLESSED with my friends' talent! Thank you ALL!!!! Happy New Year to you! xoxo laurie

Susan said...

Your sleigh and reindeer are a awesome find!! I need your friend when we move to our new home! LOL

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