Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread Boys and Girls To Sniff, Munch, and Look At

The scent of baking gingerbread cookies is one of the best smells of Christmas.

Around our house, we make several gingerbread houses throughout the month, to give to guests, as well as legions of gingerbread boys and girls with raisin buttons and tiny red licorice smiles.

More gingerbread boys and girls hang from red ribbons in the kitchen windows. (Don't bite into one of these, though, because they are made out of acrylic.) One boy fell this season and broke off his left leg. However, we glued it right back on and you can't even tell where the break occurred. Perhaps this was our first mini-Christmas miracle!

Two small gingerbread people (seen in photo at top)  also stand guard on the left side of a kitchen windowsill. They have funny facial expressions that cannot help but make a person smile.

Definitely the best part of baking gingerbread boys and girls is to have the house fill with sweet, spicy fragrance. It's so wecoming and comforting for a guest to come into a house where gingerbread baking is going on!

So get out the cinnamon, nutmeg, flour, molasses, and other ingredients and make a batch of gingerbread dough so you can start your own  gingerbread boys and girls.

Gingerbread cookies add to the spice of life.



T's Daily Treasures said...

Sweet! I was collecting gingerbread boys each Christmas for Yusef but then stopped at some point. I bet your house does smell good when you are baking them up. Do you know how hard it is to get molasses in this country!!! My friend, Melissa, called the other day to say she found some at one of the grocery stores, so she got me three jars of it. :) Hope you are having a great day. We are still gagging on a heavy cloack of dust over here. :/ Best wishes, Tammy

Claus said...

How pretty!, and such great decorating pieces. Do you know I have NEVER tried a gingerbread cookie?!! :-O I know! but they are not at all common around here. I searched last year, but no signs of them in your average store. I went to a fancy one, with imported products, no luck there either. I will try again over the weekend, if crowds of crazy buyers allow me to. I am so curious about these cookies!!
Bake them myself? I can't cook or bake!! :o( I know...I'm hopeless :o)
have a lovely day!!

Kay K said...

I too love gingerbread men !!! great pictures

Dayle said...

I love gingerbread!! Yours are so cute!

diane stetson said...

This brings back memories of hiding the gingerbread man when I taught pre-school. The kids hunted all over for him. They just loved that story and loved looking for him. CUTE Susan!

Susan said...

Welcome, welcome to "kgansor," this blog's 156th Follower! SOOOOO happy to have you. Please come back to visit soon. Sincerely, Susan

Anonymous said...



I love your gingerbread cookies....and I must say that baking anything is the only way to go...I cannot stand store bought treats...

now...I must go make a hot cocoa and find a cookie!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Susan: We should have been sisters. I have said it all along. We long the same things. May God richly bless you this Christmas Season. Love, Martha

Chatty Crone said...

I like gingerbread but my real joy is the smell. Yum. sandie

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