Monday, January 3, 2011

TUESDAY'S POST: Thoughts of Spring, A Special Friend, and Gratitude

It's definitely way too early for flowers to pop up out of the dark, cold (frozen?) earth but there's no harm in thinking about spring, is there?

The  stained glass iris , shown here, hangs from the glass panel located at the top of our front door. It's very cold in New England right now.  However, every day , when walking down the stairs,  seeing that  stained glass iris gives me hope of good things to come.

A very dear friend from high school days gifted me with this piece of stained glass. She lives far away in the southwest now and I miss her.

Today, when I came downstairs, the realization came to me that I'm definitely behind in keeping up my gratitude journal and that's  very important to do. So off the shelf came  the thick,  pink-covered book. Once again, all the things I'm immensely grateful for each day will be listed. Some are very small things, like a phone call or having a washing machine in the basement in which to wash clothes.

When one is so filled with gratitude for what "is," it's almost impossible to complain or feel bad.  It's a theory that has been well tested and never, ever fails.

The first thing on tonight's gratitude list will be the stained glass iris, a harbinger of things yet to come, as well as the dear friend who gave it.



Bookie said...

Right this minute I am grateful you visited/commented on my blog! :) The dolls you commented on were hand made by my mother in law. She made them from scraps of cold coats and sweaters. I love them too and think this Russian gals look warm!

Your iris glass is lovely and I can see why you would see it as a sign for spring. I bet it does look wonderful in the morning light with rays streaming through it. Ah, I know it is too early on January 2 to be looking for spring...but well, I do!

middle child said...

A warm house.

diane stetson said...

Easy question and I always have the same answer...MY HEALTH..without it nothing else matters!

Linda O'Connell said...

My husband, my health, my home and family...and YOU, as you are part of my blogger family, Susan.

Terri Tiffany said...

I love stained glass!
I am most grateful for my health too!

mo said...

Hi Susan, I also love stained glass. Your iris is just beautiful. What a perfect spot for it in your house. What am I grateful for right this minute? I have to keep telling myself my job...It is time to get back to work (for a paycheck) I keep telling myself I am blessed to have a job right now. Have a terrific day! *hugs*

Claus said...

So many things to be thankful and grateful for, that the "off" things actually seem small.
While cold and windy (of course, not compared to what you are going through right now), we have sunny days, trees are green, and flowers are blooming! I'm loving and enjoying these weather to the fullest!
Sending you warm and spring-ish thoughts!
have a great day!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Once you start to become grateful for all the small things in your every day life, everything takes on a greater meaning.

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