Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arrival of The Giveaway Package!

Close your eyes and remember what it was like to be a kid on the morning of your birthday.

Excitement filled the air, right? Anticipation made your heart beat a little faster. On your face was the biggest smile ever.

Well, that's how I felt Friday when I opened the front door of our house and saw a Priority Mail box sitting on the floor under the mailbox. My first thought was how generous the sender was to have spent $10.10 to send the box.

     "Whoo hoo," I yelped. "It's here."

     "What's that?" my husband asked. 

    "It's the giveaway package," I answered. 

     Sure enough, it was the package from Laurie in Michigan . Her blog, Heaven's Walk,  is just a delight to read. To say I was delighted to win the "Shabby Pink Giveaway," is also an understatement. It was thrilling.

After opening the box,the scent of lavender could be detected. Laurie had cleverly tucked some sprigs of it underneath the twine on the tissue paper wrapped packages.

A note was on top. Inside the envelope was  a butterfly covered note card with a personally written message from sweet Laurie.

The first package opened contained the very pretty pink floral euro shams. I loved them! They are going to go on white wicker furniture on the side porch.  Once washed, starched, and ironed, they will be perfect.

The little pink jar was next. Laurie had written that the top to it broke during packing. However, as a result, she tucked in an extra sweet old-fashioned bottle!

I loved the rosette iron hook. It's just my style, sweet and romantic.

Laurie's clay tags were adorable, too. The heart, particularly, touched mine!

So thanks Laurie. You did a great job with the giveaway package.  Talk about making my day, you sure did.

Felt just like, well, a kid on her birthday!



BECKY said...

Hi Susan! What fun! And beautiful items! I guess the last time I felt like you is when I rec'd a fabulous prize package from lovely Linda at Ala Carte! That was last summer when I was a winner for her Longest Yard Sale in the World (or something like that!!) prize!! :D

Annesphamily said...

I won a pretty bracelet recently and another cool giveaway full of fun spring things. It was like a birthday for sure! Enjoy you cool winnings! Anne

Mariette said...

Dearest Susan,

Congratulations on this Priority Mail Gift! It was sent from heaven... just got back from Laurie's blog!
Enjoy your treasures and have a happy weekend.
Lots of love,


T's Daily Treasures said...

Congrats to you Susan on winning such lovely items. It is always fun to receive a surprise package or surprise anything. Even just a handwritten thank you card can make my day. Have a great weekend. Tammy

Linda O'Connell said...

Congratulations Susan. Have a great day.

Rebecca said...

"Lucky" YOU! That WAS a full & wonderful package!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Congrats Susan! I do love to get surprise packages in the mail! This one is so sweet and just right for you! I have a package coming from Suzanne at Shabby Chicks that I won in her Royal Wedding giveaway! Can't wait to get it! hugs, Linda

Karen Lange said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us. Congrats!

Chatty Crone said...

Susan you are a lucky lucky gal! Nice gifts.

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Susan! I'm so glad that your gifts arrived safely. You made me blush at your kind words in your post today. I can hardly wait to see how everything looks in your sweet home. :) I know exactly how exciting it is to win a giveaway. I just won one of Kathleen's White Wednesdays Giveaway! Woo hoo!! That's what makes blogging such a ball. It's almost like having Christmas all year round - and the friendships are incredibly precious. ♥ Enjoy - and have a wonderfully joyful week!

xoxo laurie

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