Friday, May 13, 2011

Waterfalls and Glacial Potholes: Geological Wonders

What is it about waterfalls that make them so appealing?

The wild sound of water crashing downward?  The rapid pulsing of water as it swirls in wild circles?  The thought of being in a canoe rushing toward them?

Waterfalls are exciting and picturesque, powerful and humbling. Recently, in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, I saw Salmon Falls for the first time in decades.  The falls are located in what was an old fishing spot of native American  Indians.

I love to let my imagination run about and picture the native Indians fishing in the Deerfield River. 

Part of the attraction of Salmon Falls is seeing ancient glacier potholes, formed by swirling water and stones during the glacier age.  They have been described as a "geological wonder."   There are more than 50 potholes, ranging in size from six inches to 39 feet in diameter!

 If you ever have a chance to take a day trip to New England "sleep riverside village" of Shelburne Falls, make sure you get to see Salmon Falls.

 Close your eyes for a moment and envision it as the old fishing hole.  It's a sight to see and remember.



diane stetson said...

Nothing beats Niagra Falls. I used to live close to those and they are are the waterfalls in Yosemite National Park...very picturesque...Love your photos of the little falls in Western Mass. too!

LDH said...

What a great visit with you to these falls! Great pics ~ I can hear the rushing water!

Bookie said...

Lovely pictures and I do love the sound of falling water...when I am a good reach from it. The thoughts of a waterfall would be even more soothing today if it were not raining--again! :)
Have a good weekend ahead, Susan.

mo said...

Hi Susan,

I love the sound of water falling too.

Your posts should return soon, mine did.

Glad to have the blog back for sure!



Chatty Crone said...

Sometimes I love to listen to my sound machine of water falls . . . yours is pretty.

Linda O'Connell said...

Thanks for thr lovely travelogue. Love the photos. Is the Kagamagas River one of those glacial rock formation places also in Mass? We have a place called Elephant Rocks and the Shut-Ins with huge boulders and many small waterfalls. Nature in its glory.

Chris Graham said...

The pictures are beautiful! Water is so soothing to th eyes and ears as well. I wish I was close enough to see the falls.
Thank you

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