Monday, June 20, 2011

Boston on the Run

Cities are exciting. There's so much to do, explore, and see!

Boston, Massachusetts, is filled with historical sites and architecture. It's a great place to visit and get a feel of what it was like when our country was just being settled. There's so much to see and do in this great city and much of it has historical significance.

During a recent trip to Boston, I snapped a slew of photos on a quick-as-a-flash car tour of the sites.

Here is the Marriott's Custom House. Its very top is home to peregrine falcons:

This is the old Boston State House. An area in front of it was the site of the Boston Massacre:

The current State Capital:

This is the John Hancock Tower. Trinity Church is at its base. This is a perfect juxtiposition of old and new. The photo on the right shows a reflection of the old John Hancock Building.

This fellow can be seen in front of the Green Dragon Tavern, a place that's been around since the 1650s.  It was supposedly frequented by Paul Revere and his counterparts, including John Hancock.  It's been said that plans for the invasion of Lexington and Concord took place right behind these very doors.

If you liked looking at these photos, stay tuned. There will be more posts on Boston coming up this week.

WHAT WAS THE LAST BIG CITY YOU VISITED?                                                                                                                             


diane stetson said...

I have plans to visit ROME, ITALY sometime this summer. I love Boston though...went to school there and enjoyed every minute of my time spent there.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I think my mom's sister lived in Boston for a while and we went to visit her when I was maybe 12. I picked up accents quite easily when I was younger and came away with a Boston accent for a while. There are no big cities in Kuwait; heck, it's not even a big country, so the last big city I would have visited would have been Colombo in Sri Lanka. :) Have a great week. Tammy

Leann said...

Love the architecture! And cities, well I try to avoid them... I do love a moo cow in a field though:)


Claus said...

I live in Guatemala City, and haven't gone anywhere in a while, so this is the biggest city I've been to ;o)) It too has a lot of historical sites, especially in downtown Guatemala City. What is the biggest city you wish you could visit one day? I wish I can visit Rome one day, Barcelona, Paris and London. Plenty of history going on there! oh!, and Seoul and Cairo too!

the silver of His fining said...

I love Boston, it is home. I love your pictures, the way you caught old and new together. Hopefully Boston will be my next city to visit. It will always be my favorite, just love the history. I like D.C. too. Thanks for posting this. I'll be looking for more.

Joyce in WI

Bookie said...

I will be glad to see more pics too. I longed to see Boston from 5th grade on...was next to impossible from Kansas! Finally, when kids were in early teens, we got see it. Traffic and crowds stunned me! I did not have long but loved what I saw. Freedom Trail, Revere house, USS Constitution and the smell of Italian food stores! I would love to see it again but fear the traffic would even be bigger challenge to us now!

Chatty Crone said...

The last big city I visited - well Cincinnati is not so big - so I guess a year ago was Las Angeles. It is a little too big for me.

I like seeing Boston as I have never seen it for myself - thanks for sharing your trip!

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