Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday: Picnic on a Rock, Waterfall, and Ice-Cream, Oh My!

There's nothing like a one-day getaway in the summer to spark  feelings of adventure and fun.

Yesterday was that kind of day.  Friends, including two adorable, curious, and spunky little people, grabbed some picnic food and headed for Wahconah Falls in Western Massachusetts. You can read another post on the falls here.

The pristine beauty of Mother Nature did not disappoint.  The falls were as beautiful as ever and sun poured down through the forest trees, making thousands of patterns on the ground.

After eating a picnic lunch on a gigantic rock for a picnic table, we carefully navigated the giant rocks near the falls.  Quiet filled the air, except for the laughter of the children, and a lone, chirping bird.

When we left the falls, we headed to the Creamery in the small, quaint New England  town of Cummington.  Now this place is so cool. It's filled with interesting pottery, assorted teas, home baked bread, fruit, grocery items, books, and, joy of joys, delicious Barts ice cream.

How about "Three Geeks and a Redhead?" It's coconut ice cream with coconut flakes, semisweet chocolate chunks, fudge brownies, and red raspberry swirl. Doesn't that sound amazing?

The Creamery also has lovely pottery.

And a giant cow on the roof!



Rebecca said...

The Creamery looks like MY kind of place. But nothing surpasses "the pristine beauty of Mother Nature"!

Earlier this week, we hopped in the car & drove 18 miles through the country to find the camp spot where our neighbors have parked their RV. We enjoyed a quiet evening under the trees, sitting and conversing.

T's Daily Treasures said...

That looks and sounds like an absolutely perfect outing. Weather that is comfortable enough for outdoor activities, enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. And then the Creamery -- that ice cream does sound delicious! And the pottery is gorgeous. I certainly would have walked out with some lovely items to take home and probably some for gifts too. :) Hope your Friday is a good one. Tammy

Linda O'Connell said...

Three geeks and red head, sounds like my flavor. Your outing looks like it was fun.

Chatty Crone said...

I am not so sure about the coconut! teehee

Looks like fun - we are trying to think of something to do tonight!

Leann said...

Oh my word - YUM! Wish I could have been with you!

Fun - well tomorrow I'm going junquing with my cousin.

Enjoy your weekend!

Bookie said...

The pottery is beautiful...I admire pottery but rarely use it in my kitchen. Love the mugs, but again, I often opt for china cups.

The fall are lovely too...what a nice day you had!!!

diane stetson said...

Last fun thing? My trip to Italy. I loved the Trevi running water of any kind. My daughter is going to Niagra Falls for labor day weekend. I hope she takes some nice pictures like yours of Waconah Falls. I am a fan of Gelato now instead of Ice Cream...

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