Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Memories and Amber Glass

Isn't it amazing how we can look around our homes, spot a particular object, and remember all the circumstances of how we acquired it?

Memories are part of our household decor.

In the fall, amber glass comes down from the attic and parades along the kitchen window sills.  I can remember how many of the pieces ended up coming home with me.

The lovely piece, shown above, with a perfectly formed glass handle, belonged to the friend of a friend. One day, we all participated in a yard sale. At the end of the sale, the basket had not sold.

The owner picked it up by the handle and handed it over to me. It was an extremely nice gesture, since she had seen me eyeing the piece earlier in the day. Better yet, she wouldn't take one dime for it!

I love glass with frilly edges, including this one.

This cover, shown below, has a bottom, as well, that's up high on a window ledge. The cover has a brass handle to it. I can remember the day I first spotted it.

In several cities in Arizona, there are used bookstores called Bookmans. They are supermarket sized bookstores that make a book lover's heart beat very, very rapidly.  It would be impossible to calculate how many hours I spent in all of the Bookmans.

Anyway,  all the Bookmans  also sell decorative household objects. One day I spotted this piece, picked it up, and fell in love with it. It has a beautiful design and is a perfect amber color.

 When we left Arizona, I triple wrapped this piece in bubble wrap and it made the cross-country trip with us to New England. Just looking at it reminds me of beloved Bookmans and all the quality hours of my life I spent in those bookstores.

I love amber colored glass but love the memories associated with some of the pieces even more.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your amber glass. I have some I use in the fall also. Yes I have things that remind of people or places or events. I think it's part of why certain objects mean more then others.

LDH said...

Such a pretty little bowl and cute handle. A kind gesture to you because they saw how you admired it. I sense through your posts that you too have a giving and thoughtful heart!

Linda O'Connell said...

Sentimental attachments, I call it. Have a great day.

Leslie said...

Hi Susan!
I could tell you where every single thing in this house came from! I also can usually remember how much I paid for it, LOL!
I love Amber glass, but have none.
Sad, I know!
My kitchen window is lined with tiny orange (does that count as "amber"?) pumpkins!
I pray you have a wonderful day, love!

mo said...

Hi Susan,

Your photo of the glass basket is just beautiful.

I cannot believe it didn't sell...I take that back...

It was meant for you!



Chatty Crone said...

You have lovely glass of all colors because they hold a memory for me of your past posts - seriously!

Yes as I go through my house - I look at things and mostly remember my mother.


Nancy's Notes said...

What a striking piece of amber glass! It is always nice to have great thoughts tied to beautiful and cherished pieces, isn't it?

Dianne said...

Yes I have some family heirlooms that absolutely take me back to being in my grandmother's house with her and my great aunt! I also have newer pieces that bring back fond memories, as well.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Susan, I just had a big scare -- my blog was deleted and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I was trying to leave a comment but it said I needed to sign in but I was already signed in so don't know what happened. About 10 minutes later it was back. Was happy to be able to post today and then that happened. Very strange!

That amber glass is gorgeous. Most of my decorative pieces come from out travels or friends so I am reminded of where we've been and who is special in my life.

Hope your day is wonderful. Tammy

Carolyn said...

Lovely treasure to remind you of your happy hours in the bookstore.

Thank you, Susan for your prayers for Lucas-We really appreciate them.

Take care,

diane stetson said...

I do not collect anything that is glass but I have several momentos from family members and trips I've made...always enjoy looking at them. Your amber is beautiful.

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