Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fruit and Berry Tray

Okay,  if you love fruit, this post is going to make you hungry.

You may want to run out to a farmer's market or whip open the refrigerator door and dig into the fruit bin.

It's all about a fruit tray arrangement. It' s so simple to do yet so very beautiful.  Here goes:

1. Wash a couple of  oranges. Slice, then cut the slices in half. Arrange around the edges of a
    glass tray.

2. Wash and then peel two kiwi. Slice and put them onto the orange slices.

3. Hull and wash strawberries.  Slice in half and add to orange and kiwi.

4.  Wash and slightly dry blackberries and raspberries. Place in center of fruit try.

Dust everything lightly with sugar.  Mmmm mmm mmm



LDH said...

This post makes me feel guilty! Abbey was out shopping and I had the sudden urge for a most unhealthy (but favorite) treat. Ready for this.... I sent her a text message to please bring home Crunch 'n Munch.

I do like fruit especially berries. Not so much citrus fruit though.

But when a girl needs a very sweet, stick to your teeth snack ~ I go for Crunch n' Munch :)

diane stetson said...

Apples are my favorite fruit. I love berries though and have blueberries every single week and also blackberries from the supermarket here where I live. I NEVER add sugar to them though.

Dayle said...

Now, Susan ... you can't make me choose just one. :) I absolutely love fruit of all kinds, but my least favorite (it's easier to pick the least favorite) might be a banana.

Your fruit arrangement is fab!

Chatty Crone said...

Strawberry is my favorite. Can't talk now - gotta go run to my Farmer's Market! Lovely dish Susan!!


T's Daily Treasures said...

I like all of the above minus the sugar although I don't really like oranges, much prefer tangerines. I eat an apple and a banana every day. My youngest son loves kiwi. There's some exotic fruits that I don't really care a lot for, like passion fruit -- depends on if it is sweet or not. Usually only eat those when we travel to Sri Lanka, India or Nepal where it is commonplace to have it. Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

Dianne said...

This is sooooo pretty! I love so many fruits, it's hard to choose! I grew up in Florida eating oranges off the trees! Love them... Love blackberries... Love cantalopes (sp?)... Love mangoes... pineapple, apples, watermelon, grapes... tangerines... it's impossible to choose!

Diann said...

Isn't it just amazing what wonderful colors God created when he gave us all these beautiful fruits! They look like works of art. I am definitely a berry kind of gal! Hope you are having a fun day!

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