Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Dignifying Dementia: A Caregiver's Struggle" by Elizabeth Tierney

Do you know anyone who is in the midst of dealing with a loved one's diagnosis of dementia?

Or do you know someone who has already walked the sorrow-strewn path of dealing with dementia ?

 Author Elizabeth Tierney

Whether you are familiar with dementia or not, a new book by Elizabeth Tierney titled "Dignifying Dementia, a Caregiver's Struggle,"  is bound to touch your heart in a very special way.

Elizabeth lives in a small town in Western Massachusetts. The book, however,  has been published by Oak Tree Press in Ireland, where the author once lived with her late husband, Jim.

 "Dignifying Dementia" is a love story that will may make you laugh and is almost sure to make you cry. It will also make the  reader experience a wide range of emotions.

 It is a story about the author's caring for her husband  for nine long and often tumultuous years after he was diagnosed with dementia.

You will read about her struggles with the medical profession and empathize with her disappointment, frustration, heartbreak, and, finally, acceptance as she sees the love of her life lose his grip on life. 

Elizabeth and her husband were both life-long educators. They traveled, loved books, meeting people, and living life to the fullest. Then it all began to unravel as her beloved husband slipped into the clutches of a devastating disease.

Elizabeth is a genuine, down-to-earth lady, in the truest sense.  She had to rebuild her life after her husband's death.  It is never easy to lose one's life partner and go on, alone, in life.  She is doing this, too, with dignity.

"Dignifying Dementia"  is a powerful book. It makes a person want to grab on to every second of life and savor it.

When you finish it, you will have deep admiration and respect for the author while you hope you never have to walk where she was walked. But one just never knows.

Dignifying Dementia also has a website. It's  It includes book ordering information.



Rebecca said...

Thanks for the heads up about this book. My mother has been diagnosed and is slowly "sinking"....I WILL read it.

Lady Linda said...

Such a sweet and touching post. Thank you. This sure touches us all.

Diane said...

My Loving Godfather delt with his second wife till the day she died . He treated her with utmost dignity and never left her side. I'll never forget his selfless care!

Anonymous said...

Wow, to go through that for nine years is quite a test of endurance and love.
It sounds like something I would actually enjoy reading. Thanks so much for sharing.

Ciao Bella
Creative Carmelina

Carolyn said...

Hi Susan,

My Mom has dementia and I visit her almost everyday at the home where she is cared for so I see many people with various stages of dementia. It is a sad disease but I cherish the days that Mom is relaxed and in a happy state of mind.
The book sounds very interesting and I will visit her blog now-thank you for sharing.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Susan I do have friends with it and have seen it in the news. When my mom was in the nursing home I saw it there too.

It breaks my heart and makes me cry to tell you the truth. I don't understand it.

Thanks for sharing this information.

elizabeth said...

I am touched by the comments and by Susan's generosity. So many people are affected. The book is about the tears and the laughter, but also about finding a way to survive-- somehow and to keep reminding the folks in the health care industry that dementia victims should be treated well as one cna said to me, "OH, you want me to treat him like a REAL person."

what more can I say?

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