Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Last month marked the two year anniversary of my blog, Writing Straight from the Heart.

(Eventually I will have a giveaway, I promise.)

These past two years have been absolutely fascinating. Blogging seven days a week has allowed me to meet wonderful people from throughout the United States and in several different countries.

For a writer, blogging is a slice of heaven on earth.

I have always enjoyed reading Mary's blog, Hope-Filled Living. 

Mary's uplifting and inspirational. Well guess what?  This month, she's hosting several guest bloggers.

Today, Tuesday, November 8, Mary graciously used one of my own posts!  It centers around thoughts at Thanksgiving. Check it out! If you click this, it will take you there. Then, click "home" and  my post should come up.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Mary for her kindness and generosity in allowing others to post on her blog. Thanks, Mary!

This is the schedule of guest bloggers:
November 4 Celia....THANK YOU, CELIA!!! GREAT JOB!

November 7 Lora

November 8 Susan

November 9 Cathee

November 10 Debbiedoos!

November 11 Cindy

November 12 Isabelle

November 13 Cami

November 14 Julie


Leann said...

How cool is this?!!! Congrats on being a guest blogger and your 2 years. So glad that we found each other and became friends!


5th Avenue Publishing said...

Susan, good morning! I was just checking in on my blog to see if your post went up ok....and was reminded again of the importance of cherishing family. Thank you so much! I do so appreciate your participation and words of wisdom.

diane stetson said...

Family is special but you can't pick your family..they are what they are. Even though I live far away from many in my family they are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

LDH said...

A very nice feature full of sweet words and lovely photos!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm a huge fan of your blog and so will check out her blog. Congrats on being featured...always an honor.

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats Susan - I went there and could not find it - but I am SLOW - I couldn't find the home button.

I am happy for you - you are a great gal.


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