Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Knick Knack Rack

Somehow,  little Christmas decorations multiply like snowflakes in a storm.

Before you know it, there are more "little" decorations than one knows what to do with.

However, we have some shelves in one of the "necessary rooms" and it's fun to fill them according to the season.

Hope you enjoy seeing these sweet little treasures that bring smiles during the holiday season.

 None of these is more than a few inches tall. 

Oh boy, the mistletoe is ready!

The strand of poinsettias decorates the white curtains.

On a cabinet in this particular room, several Santas await the holiday. One, I call my crazy Santa
because he is, well, kind of crazy looking.                                                                                      

Want to see what I mean?  I still love him, though!

On a three tiered mirrored rack are these sweet teddies and their two-inch baby teddy with Santa hat.

This darling merry-go-round is a music box that plays Jingle Bells.

This little "match" box has a teeny tiny scene. When pulled out, it plays music and the itsy bitsy figures twirl around. I love miniatures!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY DECORATION?                                           


dstetson said...

My beautiful Nativity scenes..I have three and they all bring me joy...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Everything is so fun and festive. I guess my favorite decoration has to be the Christmas tree with all the ornaments that bring back so many memories. hugs, Linda

Leann said...

Hi Susan

Darn the only photo that loaded was the Mr And Mrs Claus. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas me sweet friend.


Chatty Crone said...

I knew you would have great decorations spread all over your beautiful home.

I think the things my mom made for Christmas are my favorites.

Merry Christmas to you - have a blessed Christmas.

derry said...

Very entertaining subject, I will bookmark your website to check out if you publish more in the future. Thanks!

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