Friday, December 2, 2011

Margaret "Molly" Brown House in Colorado

Margaret "Molly" Brown, born in Missouri in 1868, has been described as a "woman of her time." 

Here's the tour guide, ready to take us inside, where, horror of horrors, NO PHOTOS WERE ALLOWED on the first and second floors.

After hearing and reading about Margaret Molly Brown, trust me, for sure, I'd like her.

Feisty and controversial, she fought and spoke out for animal, childrens', and human rights. 

She also loved to have parties and entertained frequently in the farily modest home in Denver, Colorado. 

Her friends called her "Molly." Surprisingly, she had just an eighth grade education and yearned to find a rich man, according to our tour guide, Janet, at Molly's home.

She married J. J. Brown, a miner 13 years her senior.  They became millionaires overnight through gold and moved to the Denver house in 1894, just five years after the home was built.

She and her husband had two children and helped raise three nieces whose mother died.

Margaret "Molly" brown survived the Titanic. A movie was made on this, titled "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."  The tour guide said a lot of the information in the movie differed from reality.

Molly took the journey in order to get back to the United States. She had received upsetting news that her new grandchild , who she had not yet met, was very ill.

The night the massive ship sunk into its deep and watery tomb, Molly Brown put on warm woolen stockings. She also grabbed a stole and $50 and got into a life boat. (She had a necklace on board worth more than $20,000!) 

A true philanthropist, she also started a special committee for other survivors of the disaster.

       On wall in front of the Molly Brown House.          

Molly Brown stood five feet and seven inches tall. She spoke several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.  Green was her favorite color.

She separated permanently from her husband and died of a brain tumor in 1932. 

Margaret Molly Brown sounded like a very dynamic woman who wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believed in. No wonder I would have liked her!



diane stetson said...

It was a movie musical with Debbie Reynolds..I saw it years ago and enjoyed it very much. I love musicals and Debbie Reynolds.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

What a lovely post about an extraordinary woman! I've read a little about her, and I agree, she's a woman I would have loved to have met! Wouldn't she be a fun dinner guest!

Rebecca said...

How very interesting. If I once knew anything about Molly Brown, I forgot it!

What a shame that you couldn't take pictures inside!

Bookie said...

The woman is interesting. I have seen the movie and read about her but neither for a long time.Glad you got to go inside. I missed it!
No pictures is a bummer. Those places keep themelves closed trying to make an interest to see it for real, but I wonder if that really works. Pictures would create interest in seeing it for real I would think.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a fun tour. I did see that movie with Debbie Reynolds and enjoyed it. I do like the way Kathy Bates portrayed Molly Brown in the movie Titanic. hugs, Linda

Kit said...

Yep, I loved Debbie Reynolds in it. Funny the whole time I lived in Denver, I never visited her house. I wonder why? Kit

Dianne said...

I saw the movie when I was young and really don't remember much about it. Did Lucial Ball play Molly? Molly played a good role in the movie Titanic. Kathy Bate was wonderful as Molly Brown!

Chatty Crone said...

I did not see it - but have heard of Molly Brown. I like her too! She didn't let life sink her either! She did so much and was so educated without an education!

Wonder why they wouldn't let you take a picture inside?


Annesphamily said...

I really like visiting the Molly Brown House. I like all the COlorado tours you are taking us on.

Kent Shelton said...

One statement, you mentioned was her friends called her "Molly". That is incorrect. She went by Margaret , or Maggie. ,but was never called Molly. The movie called the unsinkable Molly brown started that trend.

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