Monday, January 9, 2012

Beloved Bloggers of Blogland

Sometimes the kindness of people in blogland amazes me.

Friendships develop with people one has never met face-to-face.  Still, fellow bloggers find special places right in our hearts.

Saturday afternoon, going out to the front porch to retrieve the mail, a fairly large box caught my eye.  It was on the brick floor under the mailbox.

Claudia or "Bookie" from the blog Claudia's Page sent the box from Missouri. (Check out her lovely blog.)

Imagine. There was no birthday to celebrate (thank heavens), no anniversary, or other occasion. It was a "just because" present and often those are the best kind.

Bookie had paid $10.95  in postage to send the package and that's no small fee in these hard economic times.

Ripping open the box at the kitchen table, I felt like five years old and it was a great feeling.

Bookie, the dear soul, lovingly packed a beautiful deep teal colored glass bottle.  It belonged to her mother-in-law and is so very, very pretty. 

She must have read of my love for colored glass items.

Bookie also sent a lovely cup and saucer with pastel purple flowers on them.  The words on the saucer are from Proverbs 27:9:  "A sweet friendship refreshes the soul."

Well, I tell you, my soul felt refreshed and full of gratitude---for Bookie, and for all the fabulous bloggers I've met during the past two years and three months, for my blog, and for this fascinating place called blogland.

I thought, "Bless your heart, dear Bookie."    How wonderful it was to be thought of in such a special and generous way.



Chatty Crone said...

I love the color teal too - you lucky ducky - I know you will write this down in your grateful journal. What a great surprise for no reason. I'm glad for you!

Debbie said...

How sweet is that?! What a blessing.

BECKY said...

That tea cup set is just beautiful! And so is the colored bottle. I can attest to the fact that Ms. Bookie Claudia is a marvelous gal, and I haven't met her in person, either....yet!
You deserve such a thoughtful gift, too, Suan!

Bookie said...

Oh, Susan, so glad it all got there without breakage! The pleasure was all mine because I just knew that bottle would excite you. As we keep dismantling the farmhouse, I kept seeing you when I looked at the glass in the window. Finally, I thought:why not? Yes, how good it feels when you can link some little prize with someone for no reason.

Today I met a man from St. Joe
I have exchanged emails with over the book Storm Country. I told him how many people I have met that have no faces or even voices due to emails and blogs. It is great fun to actually MEET someone. I did meet two bloggers in St. Louis in November...same wonderful feeling of meeting people you already "know"!

Have a great week ahead!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Very sweet and I too have found blogging friends to be generous, kind and loving. I gave a surprise for no reason gift to a friend and it arrived on a day that she really needed a pick me up. It's wonderful that it can work like that. hugs, Linda

kristin said...

"just because" packages are ALWAYS the best kind, and even more wonderful coming from people we find over blogland or other places that become great friends.
I LOVE that teal glass bottle, I have a small collection of these also and they sit on my kitchen windowsill.
The teacup and saucer is just so pretty and i love the saying on it. Perfect!

Susan said...

The tea cup is absolutely gorgeous! What a thoughtful friend!

Linda O'Connell said...

Claudia is a wonderful person in person as in blogland. Her gifts to you are beautiful. That bottle is exquisite, so differen't.

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

I LOVE giving and receiving 'just because' gifts....

The last time I did that was yesterday.... and the recipient was blessed out of her socks, I think were the words bandied about when she opened it.

I gave her a new journal... it was one I had that she'd admired, so when I found a second copy, guess who got it?

Enjoyed seeing the joy bubble that arrived in your mail....sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely present to get just like that - it's beautiful! Have a lovely day!


T's Daily Treasures said...

What wonderful gifts Susan! The color of that glass bottle is just beautiful. And the cup and saucer so sweet. I love that proverb. Might have to work it into a cross-stitching. :) I love giving gifts just because all the time. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

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