Monday, January 30, 2012

Feline Fracas Scares the Wits Out of Me

Our pets are like rays of sunshine in our lives.

They ask so little and give much, especially love.

Our pet of 16 years, born in Arizona, is Honey Cat. She got that name because her fur has always been the color of golden honey.

Plus, she was sweet from the time she was a small ball of fur in the palms of our hands.

This past weekend she had a close call.

Because she’s old now, (more than 100 in people years), she’s not as agile as in the past. She rarely goes outside in the winter because she hates the cold.

Thinking she was safe upstairs, I heard the sounds of fighting cats coming from the backyard.

“Thank goodness Honey Cat is upstairs,” I said to my husband. I was wrong. She was one of the cats outside in the backyard fighting arena. The two felines were creating quite a neighborhood commotion.

Always the fighter and empress of her territory, our sweet grandmother cat got herself into a real pickle this time.

A cat almost twice her size looked like he was about to attack.

I screamed bloody murder because that’s what I thought it was going to be.

My husband, the brave soul, ran outside toward the two ferocious sounding felines. The big tiger didn’t budge and our cat kept backing up, her face contorted in a fierce grimace.

Picking up a brass planter, I hurled it across our backyard and against the fence. The crash was just the diversion needed to break-up the fight.

Honey Cat flew like a bullet across the lawn, up the back steps, and through the open door, into the house.

Saved by the brass planter!

The whole scenario scared the wits out of me. My heart beat about 100 mph.

Today when she stood near the kitchen door, wanting to go out, I had three words for Honey Cat.

“Use your litter box."



LDH said...

Oh, that was a close call! Happy you had the brass planter nearby and knew how to use it! :)

Chatty Crone said...

You tell such a great story! I was on the edge of my seat. I am so glad she got in and was safe Susan - I know how much you love her. How did you find out it was her outside???

Well we are always saving Disco from choking - he puts everything in his mouth and it gets stuck in his throat - silly boy.

Love, sandie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

My Charlie Kitty is a scardy cat and so funny. He will sneak out onto the screened porch and once got locked out there. Now we make sure he is in the house before we lock up at night. He never gets to go outdoors at all! Glad Honey Cat is OK, they are so precious to us. hugs, Linda

Dayle said...

Oh my ... my heart would have been beating 100 mph too. So glad Honey Cat escaped, thanks to your quick thinking.

As for my favorite pet, I have to plead the fifth. Each one we've had has been "my favorite." :)

Bookie said...

Nothing is louder or nastier than a fighting cat in the backyard...then when it is your own animal...well, I can imagine your fear!!! Glad all turned out well....

diane stetson said...


T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh no! That would be scary. Jingles will go out on the balconies but she freaks if she gets out the front door. Yesterday we came home from school to find that one of the tom cats of the block had died. I called hubby to come home so we could take care of it. The cat wasn't there when we left for school so I don't know what time he had died, but no one was doing anything about removing his body. All those poor outside kitties just break my heart. Best wishes to you, Tammy

La Tea Dah said...

Oh, I am so glad you saved Honey Cat! Any cat who was born and raised in Arizona --- and whom belongs to you --- deserves to live to a ripe, old 150! I also hate those cat screams in the night. My cat is probably as old as yours, but he is never comfortable in the house. Our yard is his territory and I worry about him when I hear cat screams as strangers try to take over his space.

Diane said...

Oh My Goodness Susan, My heart was racing while I read your post! LOL, it kinda still is. I am so happy honey cat was saved by the brass planter! I love your new profile picture. When I have about 30 minutes to spare I will come back and read all the post I've missed. You always have great pictures and stories, it really is nice to grab a cup of coffee and read your blog. I'm hoping you have found some more China for me to ohhh and ahhh over while I sip my coffee. I've missed you!

Eva Ason said...

I like your photos of the cat ^_^
Glad to hear you managed to save Honey Cat.
Have a lovely day!


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