Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cuckoo, Cuckoo Goes the Clock!

Growing up in New England, one of the things I remember about the house in which we lived was a cuckoo clock.

My mother loved that clock.  I have no idea where she got it. It looked like a little wooden chalet. Hanging below it were chains that had weights attached. They looked like metal pine cones to me.

On the hour, a small door at the top of the chalet opened and out came a figure. In my mind's eye, it was a little couple but honestly, I cannot get a clear picture.  Maybe it was a little bird.

What I do remember is hearing the sounds of the "cuckoo, cuckoo."  It was so darned cute.

I have no idea what happened to that clock.

Last year at a flea market, there was a box with a broken cuckoo clock in it. The lady selling it said some of its parts were missing.

  She must have really wanted to get rid of it because she sold me the whole shebang for a dollar!  Yes, one green dollar!

That's one of the tasks my hubs said would be a winter project for him---repairing the clock. Good luck! So far, he hasn't gone near the cuckoo clock box but I'm hopeful. After all, it's only January 29th! The winter is young.

Now, the whole purpose of this post is to tell you about a cuckoo clock I received for Christmas. It was one of my BEST gifts!

It's actually a cuckoo clock for my doll house!  Yes! It's the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your life.  

It's shown above near a birthday cake candle, so you can get an idea of how small it is. Look, those heavy "pine cone" weights are on this little clock, too!

It even had German on the side of the box so it must have been made in Germany, like so many of its grown up cousins.

One of my sisters gave me this doll house cuckoo clock and she couldn't have made me happier.



diane stetson said...

Darling clock Susan. From my childhood I remember the piano..both at my own house and at my grandmother's house. She had a player piano and I spent hours on both of them! Great memories!

Rebecca said...

That IS tiny! And so detailed.

I have a non-working cuckoo clock hanging in our eating area. Why? I don't know. (I DID find out they are expensive to have repaired.)

The one I have is the one I bought for my parents when I was a college student in Chicago (late 60s). I guess that's why I'm holding on to it.

LDH said...

The tiny Cuckoo Clock is so cute! How happy you must be to have it for your dollhouse.

My parents also had a Cuckoo Clock in their home. How well I remember the sound as my dad pulled on the long chains with the pine cones attached, to keep it running.

Come to think of it... my in-laws also had a Cuckoo Clock. They must have been popular during that era.

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

We had a little wooden thing on the wall that said "Rules of this house," and I don't remember all the rules, but one was "no more than eight to sleep in one bed." They were all funny things, not serious.

I love cuckoo clocks too, mainly BECAUSE they look like little Swiss chalets.

Eva Ason said...

what a lovely little wooden clock Susan.
I remember my grandparents had a cuckoo clock, and sometimes you cracked up when it went off...cuckoo...cuckoo!
Have a lovely Sunday!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

We had a cuckoo clock also. My Dad brought it home from one of his trips. It was fun and I wonder what happened to it over the years. The tiny one you got is adorable. hugs, Linda

Nancy's Notes said...

What a impressive and adorable little clock! I think the thing that reminds me of home is my mother's organ, she played by ear and so well, the music was beautiful!

Kit said...

I gave my Mom a cuckoo clock many years ago. I was lucky to find 3 of the heavy weights at a yard sale and I display on my table in the Fall. The only thing that made it from my childhood home was a wall shelf my father had made. Very simple but I loved it and I have it now and it hangs in my guest room. Kit

Debbie said...

I remember the Anniversary clocks my Dad brought home from Germany. He brought one for my mother, Grandmother, and my Aunt. They were all very pretty. I loved to watch the weights as they turned round and round.
You tiny cuckoo is so sweet.

Grammy Goodwill said...

I remember the cuckoo clock that my folks had. I can't believe how tiny that one is for your dollhouse. What detail!

Chatty Crone said...

Nice that you will have (eventually) a cuckoo clock in your house AND your doll house soon.

My mother was an extremely talented woman and she made so many wonderful pieces. I am going to have to take some pictures of the items she made and show you.

Love, sandie

T's Daily Treasures said...

That is the cutest little cuckoo clock! I don't like clocks that make sounds. My in-laws had some very loud ones and when we lived with them, I would be up every hour along with the clock. :/ I honestly can't remember much about my younger days. But from the age of 2 until I was 17 my Toni dog was with me. How I loved that dog! Best wishes to you, Tammy

Lynn said...

Love your darling little clock. The detail is fabulous for it being so small. My mother was a talented crafter and there was always an afghan and several needlework pictures around my childhood home, several which now hang in our home. The last piece she made at 75 was our wedding certificate in needlework. Whenever we evacuate for hurricane/tornado that piece from mom always, always is under my arm and leaves with me.

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