Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hearts and Roses for the Day of Love

Okay, it's the last day of January. That means Valentine's Day is in two short weeks!

If I don't start decorating, before  I know it, the holiday will be long gone.

So, little by little, I've been bringing things down from the attic to decorate. Trust me, that takes a lot of effort because baby it's c-c-c-c-cold up there.

Today I'm going to show you the hall table and then, in other posts, I'll finish up. Fair enough?

Well, I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been smelling a strawberry scented Yankee candle. Oh man alive, it's just sumptuous. Smells like "strawberry fields forever."

The ceramic heart-shapes can be used for little cakes but they also adorn the table, along with the rose wreath.  In the middle of it is another candle.

There's another little heart with a votive candle in the middle of it. And a little teddy bear oversees the whole shebang.

Uh oh. That round thing with the black finger-print looking mark is actually the cover to the candle. When I go to bed at night, I put it on top to extinguish the flame. Should have taken it off the table for the photo. Sorry.

There are red doilies and laces on the table, too. 

Here's my gah gah candy dish. Now isn't that the pizazz?  It makes you feel like the Queen of England when you grab that handle and lift off the top.

After Christmas, one of the supermarkets around here had packages of Hershey Kisses at 75 percent off the regular price.  Imagine!

So I picked up a couple of bags, removed all the green ones (okay, noshed on them, too), and the red ones are perfect for Valentine's Day.  

It's starting to look "festivas."



Chatty Crone said...

Well your decorations are pretty in pink and red. Love Valentine's Day. My special valentine was my daughter - born on 2/15!! Believe it or not it is always hard to buy good roses for her birthday!


BECKY said...

Hi Susan! No, I don't decorate for Valentine's Day. Never really thought about it! My wedding anniversary is on Feb. 11th, so The Ronald and I celebrate both at the same time! :)

diane stetson said...

A wreath my Mom made a long time ago white with red roses around it is my favorite Valentine decoration. I also started a Valentine dance and several songs with the kids at school to commemorate this day of love!

Rebecca said...

How very inspiring! I'm going to write that 75% off Christmas candy idea into my datebook for next year!

Not much fancy going on here...I left out the red Christmas candles & will scatter a few heart-shaped items around our main living areas.

I'm sure I'll come up with a valentine-themed saying for our chalkboard, too.

I'll "decorate" facebook with a daily valentine riddle & change the January to February on my garden blog, too.

Bookie said...

I used to decorate a wee bit for Valentines but not anymore. I leave lots of reds out from Christmas until March...then go for pinks, yellows,lavendars for spring. Seems the heart season is too short for me to bother with anymore....I am so slow I need time!

Diane said...

Hi Susan,

I don't decorate for Vanentines day but I should. I guess I'm so burnt out from putting my Christmas stuff away that I never have given it a thought. However, after seeing your decorations I will get a candy dish out and out some kisses in it. LOL... I have my coffee in hand and I'm off to catch up on your posts I have yet to read. I know I will see some pretty awesome things you have purchased! Have a great day!


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Very pretty arrangement. Have a great week Susan and thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, your decorations looks very nice ^_^ I do not decorate much for Valentine's Day, I do like to see others though. Have a great day!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I decorate my cubbies and a little vignette here and there for Valentine's day. I have those same heart shaped bowls and I love them. I am working on a Tablescape also. Your doilies are sweet...I need to see if I have any I can use for Valentine's day! Sweet! Hugs, Linda

Lynn said...

Love the decorations and Mr Bear overseeing it all. The candy dish is divine. Giggled when you wrote you ate the green kisses, hehe. My home is delicate colors of pink/lavender/white and I simply add my cherubs to the mantel, tables etc. We have a huge concrete Cupid that is on top of our entertainment center all the time, so his friends just pop in to visit on Valentines Day, hehe. Thank you for the lovely comments on the roses. Blessings.

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