Saturday, January 14, 2012

Packaged Tuna, Deviled Eggs, and 2012!

Okay, now that 2012 is well under way,  (two weeks and counting), the determination to eat healthier is off to a good start.

First of all,  from now on around here, canned tuna will be purchased for the kitty, only.  Since discovering packaged tuna, it's never, never go back to canned.

When opening a can of tuna with the electric opener, tuna "juice" frequently splashes out onto the counter.  It's almost impossible to avoid.

The packaged tuna is nice and easy and not at all messy.  Actually, it's great to just snip open the package with the scissors,  scrape out the insides into a bowl with a butter knife, and prepare.

The other day,  to the tuna, I added a little mayo, some chopped tiny gherkin pickles, chopped celery and onions, and a plop of mustard (by mistake).

 I happened to be making deviled eggs at the same time as the tuna salad and the mustard was meant for them. However, it actually improved the taste of the tuna salad and made it quite delish.

Tuna salad, in a dish or on a roll with a big pile of lettuce, is a great lunch and one I don't mind repeating day after day.

For a healthy snack, I've been keeping deviled eggs in a plastic container in the fridgie.  These I make with a little mayo, dab of mustard, finely chopped onions, and maybe a splash of milk. Add salt, pepper, and a dusting of paprika. 

When hunger before meals threatens to lead you to the cookie jar, grab one of these little deviled eggs halves instead. Even one is filling and hits the spot.

Cream and half-and-half  for coffee have both been banished from the refrigerator as well as ice cream. Bye bye.

Swimming two to three times a week has also begun again in earnest, after a December hiatus.

 So here's to packaged tuna, deviled eggs, and 2012!



Elaine said...

Oh gosh!! Today I fixed a tina salad sandwich from the vacumn puch and put the same things..(no mustard) in mine. Yummy.. I need to stay away from the sweets.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay this is a great idea. I hate boiled eggs - plain, but I love deviled eggs. Just have them ready. Tuna - I guess I can do. My idea is to eat my bigger meal at noon and smaller at night.

Love, sandie

Debbie said...

I love tuna with a pinch of mustard in it too. and the deviled egg idea is great. I will try this.
Enjoy your weekend.

middle child said...

You're doing good! Did you like the touch of mustard in your tuna? Re: making salads with mayo...if you use real mayo instead of miracle whip, consider adding a touch of sugar. Makes a difference and now I am hungry for deviled eggs. Thank. You. Very. Much!

diane stetson said...

No more potato chips...I'm addicted to them.

Linda O'Connell said...

I use fat-free ranch dressing in my tuna or chicken salad, yum!

Bookie said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start! Tuna sales must be skyrocketing as lots of people I know are on the tuna diet!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I'm on the dreadmill, I mean the treadmill! I've started with the fat free half and half and have three meat less days a week. I'm wishing us both success! Oh, I will be trying the tuna in the bag. Thanks for the tip.

Kit said...

I will try some of that tuna next time I go to the store. I like your idea about the deviled eggs. I keep hard boiled eggs in the frig for that purpose, but boy a deviled egg sounds wonderful. I am walking on the treadmill, and back to more salads. Feels good! Kit

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Guess what coupons I clipped today? Yup, Starkist Tuna in the package shown here. :)

These handy packages are the perfect size for me and (as you noted) do not make a mess.

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