Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Delightful Dolls

Today's post is for doll lovers only.

If dolls creep you out or hold no interest for you, why not come back and visit tomorrow, because today we are talking about one of my favorite collections----dolls.

It's true you are viewing the blog of a person obsessed with dolls and  many, many posts have been written on them. (At least a dozen doll posts can be found in the archives box located on this blog's sidebar.)

As a child,  the fairytale "Rapunzel" was a favorite.  Her hair was soooooo long and her lover used to use it to climb up the tower where she was sequestered.

Naturally, when hearing the part of the story that read, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair," the thought always came to mind of of how much it must have hurt for her to have somebody climbing up her long locks.

The discovery of the Rapunzel doll brought great delight.  She's been written about in previous posts but I just cannot help it.  This little Rapunzel is such a beauty.

The dolls in red, brought down to the dining room at Christmas time, stayed for Valentine's Day and are going to move upstairs soon.

  Easter is on its way and that will call for dollies in pastel outfits.

Are you still here?  If you are, here are a few more photos of precious dollies.

The little darling below had a couple of posts dedicated to her but she's so doggone cute, don't you think?   (For anyone interested, you can read a previous post about her here:

She gets another moment in the limelight.

She has the prettiest green eyes and soft lashes!

This last little beauty slipped from the dresser one day. Down to the floor she tumbled, cracking her cheek. Still, I couldn't discard her so she still remains on display with all her cousins!

After all, who among us is perfect, anyway?
Thanks so much for looking today at some of the dolls in my collection!



Annesphamily said...

Oh My goodness! I so love dolls and have a nice collection! I also have a big Barbie collection. I am crazy for dolls! I have a Rapunzel doll too!! So sweet! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Anne

diane.stetson said...

"Oh you beautiful DOLL you great big beautiful DOLL...Let me put my arms around you. Let me feel the charms about you "

jeanetteann said...

Lovely post,I love my dolls too,although not as perfect as yours. I love the little doll in the red velvet dress with the freckles. They are so life like.
You may have read my post a few weeks ago about Dorothy my newly acquired old doll. I love her so much,and each day when I go into my sewing/reading room I say hi to her and her cousins. Her eyes seem to follow me around the room. I think she is very happy to have been adopted into our home.

I don't mind if you showcase your dolls every week.
From one doll lover to another, Have a nice week
x jeanetteann

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Susan: What a beautiful doll collection you have. I must admit I would love to have a doll collection. The only dolls I have are old Madame Alexandra Dolls. Yours are beautiful and you have them us all year. I love them all. Hugs, Martha

Barb said...

Hi Susan, your dolls are lovely. I don't collect dolls myself, but I come from a family of doll collectors and I appreciate their beauty. Looking forward to seeing your little ladies in their Easter finery.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Linda O'Connell said...

whenit rained or stormed, my mom said I used to gather all of my dolls and tuck them under my blanket on my bed so they would be safe. I'm sure I treated my dolls better than I did my brother.

doll collecting said...

I can never forget the ecstasy of having my first Barbie doll! This was like a dream come true; the clothes and the accessories were the 'in' thing during those days and owning a Barbie doll was almost like a status symbol. Beautiful collectible dolls have always caught my fancy and it is something that can be an obsession for quite few, where age hardly matters.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I loved my dolls as a child. I made sure my girls had dolls...none as lovely as yours! Such beauties. I know you enjoy your collection very much. Hugs, Linda

Eva Ason said...

Wow! Such beautiful dolls - adorable. Lovely collection! I didn't have so many dolls as a child but my daughter had a lot of them and she had a lot of fun with them.
Have a lovely day!
Big hugs

Susan said...

Hello Everybody!

On this snowy New England day, I want to send out a warm welcome to this blog's 274th Follower.

She is from Brazil and her blog is Paginas de Rose.

Welcome, Rose! Hope you stop by often.

You know what everyone? Each time this blog gets a new Follower, I have the same feeling I get when I receive a big bouquet of red roses with baby's breath! It's THAT exciting!

Welcome to each person reading this blog. You are SO SO APPRECIATED. Hugs to all. Susan

Hope Filled Living said...

Susan, what a pretty collection you have! Yes, I used to love my dollies. My favorite was my Raggedy Ann. I still have her!

Chatty Crone said...

I played with dolls all the time - not like these beautiful ones, but with the dolls of the day.

I love the first one with the long hair and I agree - must have hurt her scalp. And I love the freckled one.

There are so many doll collectors out there - I can't imagine someone not loving them all!

Love, sandie

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