Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lunch Out-on-the-Town

When dining out for lunch, it's always nice to have fresh, white and starched tablecloths on the tables.

 It makes a diner feel extra special.  Most upscale restaurants cater to their customers in this way. Of course, along with the nice cloths come sparkling glasses and gleaming silverware.

Now let it be said, loud and clear, that I love going out to lunch, especially when it's at a new-to-me restaurant. Always love an adventure.

Dear long-time friends invited me to dine at a restaurant called Zinc, in Lenox, a small, picturesque town in Western Massachusetts.

It was an excellent choice. The nice atmosphere added to the fun.

First of all, I loved all the floral bouquets all over.  My first inclination was to touch the flowers to see if they were all real.

They were----even in the bathroom!

There was art displayed in the bathroom, too, and it's for sale. (What a great idea!)

This one, done by Christine Jordan, a Western Mass artist, seemed reminiscent of autumn leaves.

For lunch, I chose a piece of bacon and spinach quiche with salad.  Both tasted good. The crust on the quiche, (my favorite part) , was tender and flaky.

I also had a coffee and it was dark, rich, and strong, just how I like it. 

Both of my dining companions had trout with tomatoes, capers, olives, and green beans. The dishes looked colorful and got good reviews. (Shown at top of this post).

This creme brulee with strawberries and a shortbread triangle looked sumptuous but I was very disciplined and didn't even try one smidgen.   I wanted to, though. 

What a perfectly delightful time we had, dining slowly and leisurely.  Lunches like that, I hate to see end, don't you?

Across the street from the restaurant is an antiques store.

Couldn't help going over to the window and peeking in.

After all, what self-respecting blogger would not want to share with fellow bloggers every single aspect of a perfect afternoon ?

Alas, the store was closed, but they sure had some beautiful items on display in the window. It was just my kind of shop.



diane.stetson said...

Went out to a favorite Greek restaurant the other day with fellow teachers. I had a pita veggie sandwich and it was just delightful. I've had other things there that are top notch too. Not too far from where I teach. Yay for going out to lunch. We teachers can't do that very often at all.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

What a wonderful lunch! LOVE that purple /mulberry transferware plate! Delightful blog; I'm a new follower! ♥

Susan said...

Hello Everyone! Hope you each have a wholeheartedly winsome Wednesday!

Welcome to Anne from A Little Fur in the Paint. Stop by her blog and see her terrific, close-up photos! So lovely!

Anne is this blog's 284th Follower! HURRAY! Thanks for Following, Anne.

Take care, everyone. Bye bye. Hugs to all, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

It looks like a spectacular lunch there - I think I'd like what you had better, but I may have added dessert! Love, sandie

T's Daily Treasures said...

I already blogged about our Friday Italian lunch and Saturday's Indian food. :) Zinc sounds like it has a unique and yummy menu. I definitelly would not have passed up dessert. Too bad the antique store wasn't open. Hope your week is wonderful. Tammy

Bookie said...

This looks and sounds like a most perfect outing! Good for you!

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

I love trying new places for lunch or dinner ... or breakfast. (Can you tell I just love to eat?)

Your afternoon sounded yummy all the way around.

Karen Lange said...

What a day to savor! I almost feel as though I was there too. :) And suddenly, I am hungry! :)

Linda O'Connell said...

Woman of leisure, I also love to lunch in new places. Spring is almost here.

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