Monday, March 12, 2012

Princess Tea Party

Would you like to add a little pizazz to a late winter afternoon?

Invite a couple of little Princesses to tea!

Oh my goodness!  Two Princesses have arrived!  Oh, my. Look at that tiera.

First, we have to frost these very bare-looking cookies. 

The frosting is all ready.

The Princesses quickly become very creative, indeed!

 The cookies are no longer bare. They have frosting and eight million sprinkles!

Okay, the table and Princess-sized chairs are ready to go.

On goes the rose-covered top and doily.

More roses on the napkins. And oh, little bunny china cups!

One Princess kicks off her red, sparkly shoes to get comfy.

Both Princesses now settle down for chocolate milk "tea," cookies, and, what else?  Why, ice cream, of course!

Soon the par-tay is over and the Princesses return to their palaces.

The one photo not shown is the zonked out hostess, stretched out on the living room couch, dreaming of the darling Princesses who came to tea.



Bookie said...

This looks like fun...I have no little girls in my life. What beautiful children!

diane.stetson said...

Oh my...what a lovely tea party and all the help you got too...very pretty princesses and very pretty settings. I have no little girls in my life now either but enjoy yours!

Linda O'Connell said...

Such beautiful little girls. Yours? And what a fun memory you created for them.

Correction on the writers submission opportunity on my blog. Please check it out.

Susan Roux said...

What a fun day! Lucky little princesses.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like my kinda par-tay. My girlfriend gave me a mug for my birthday that says "Sneaking Chardonnay during the day would be easier if it gave off steam." Ha! No chocolate milk for me. Your princesses are very sweet. And those cookies look great! Have a wonderful week. Tammy

Chatty Crone said...

I have two boy grandsons - no tea parties for me -but glad to share in yours. You know how to throw a great party Susan! Do you think they have those shoes in a size 8?


Anonymous said...

How cute - adorable princesses. Looks like it was a lovely tea par-tay! Wouldn't mind inviting my two nieces (4 and 1 years old) on a tea par-tay ^_^
Have a lovely day!


Babs said...

What a lovely afternoon for these darlings. Of course I have a vested interest in their Queen Mothers. Two very happy little girls dressed up in their Christmas finery! Thank you Aunt Susan. Madison and Natalie love Susie.

Anonymous said...

Madison loves her tiara!

Lynn said...

Such lovely princesses and so talented with decoration. What a truly lovely idea. I have two daughters and when they were young I did not have any money to splurge but I had tissues and one birthday party everyone had a tissue rose pinned to their shirt, we had a tea party birthday. Last December we took our only princess granddaughter to her first Christmas tea at a tea room. She will be 9 in August so this was her first grown up party with us. Beautiful. I believe any par-tay is beautiful when love abounds and cookies, "tea" and ice cream or scones etc are presented. Your princesses are so charming. Thank you for such a happy, wonderful post and inviting us to the par-tay too.

Babs said...

These two angels were exhausted when they were done at Suzies house. On the way home they wanted to know if they could go back tomorrow. Thanks Sue

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