Saturday, May 26, 2012

White Bed Linens Have a Romantic Look

Every spring, as winter clothing gets packed away, the beds in this house get a spring look, too.

Now I love white in a bedroom, equating it with warmth, brightness, spring and summer.

I keep four white, electrified candles in the windows all year long as a sign of welcome.  

They come on automatically at sundown and go off at dawn!

All through the winter, one of the beds looks regal in deep burgundy comforters, spreads and satin pillow slips. 

Come spring and everything gets put away until fall.

Out comes a collection of white pillows and pillow slips that I purchased on estate and yard sale jaunts. 

Got some pretty ones. 

The warm flannel sheets get washed, folded and put away, making way for excellent quality white sheets that are cool and comfortable to the touch.

The main coverlet is made out of one of my favorite fabrics---matelasse. 

 It has such a nice raised pattern and washes like a dream.Matelasse is a French word, by the way, that means  quilted.

The bedroom should have a romantic look and the one in this post does.  Check out the old-fashioned lampshade. 

That was a Salvation Army Family Thrift Store purchase. 

Best part, since all of the spreads, sheets and pillow slips have already been purchased, giving the bed a new look didn't cost a dime!
The final look is serene and pretty, don't you think?


Chatty Crone said...

Honestly I don't, But yours is so beautiful Susan. I love the all white. And the candles. I am trying to see where your bed backs up to in the room. Love, sandie

Victorian1885 said...

Yours white linens are so dreamy... I usually change the cover on our duvet too. Have a great weekend!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Oh, just so pretty. No, I don't change my bedroom, but now I wish I did.

Linda O'Connell said...

I have a beautiful patchwork quilt in shades of pink and blue (small patchwork) but I once had a white eyelet bedspread and curtains with white pillows. I loved that look. Yours is very pretty.

Bookie said...

Your white bed looks cool and calming. Already the heat sneaks in here...the white invites one to rest and avoid the sweat!

Nellie said...

I don't change the look in the spring, but enjoy my white bedspread all year long. In the winter, I am more likely to use deeper colored throw pillows, sometimes changing them more regularly with seasons.
Your white bedroom is lovely!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love all the white. I do try to put lighter covers on my bed in the Spring. Happy day sweet friend. Hugs, Linda

Christa said...

I absolutely love white bedding! I have a matelasse coverlet on my bed, too, and I love it. I'd live in a completely white home, if it was practical. With my bunch, though, that's just not happening.

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