Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Good Music for Pennies

Used book sales are heaven-on-earth for book lovers. 

Lord knows a huge number of the books in my home library came from used book sales.

But you know what else you can get at such sales?  Good quality cds.

Now I love all kinds of music.
Some of my faves are Vince Gil from the country set; Kathy Mattea and the late Eva Cassidy, two great singers; and Il Divo and Placido Domingo (stop my rapidly beating heart when he hits the high notes).

However, I like to sample all kinds of music on cds.

The last used book sale attended, two weeks ago, the cds were $2 each.  I found a great  Putumayo  children's cd , Latin Playground, and love it. It has music from several Latin American countries.

Also found found a Smoky Mountain cd with great banjo and fiddle music, which I absolutely love.  

Now. Change of subject.

I love to see how other people decorate, don't you?  

Visited a friend a couple weeks back and she had her toilet paper in a fancy container in her bathroom. It looked great.

I had this really cool silver-plate bowl that didn't, unfortunately, sell on eBay. So I hauled it out and,tah dah!  

Fancy t.p. holder is now ready to "dish" up t.p. in style! woo hoo



Chatty Crone said...

I love country and I love all the ones you mentioned too. I love Andrea Bocelli!

What a toilet paper holder that is - I'd love to come over and be spoiled!


Love, sandie

Red Rose Alley said...

I love the Putumayo series of CDs! I have the French, Italian, and Salsa CDs, and I love playing them when I cook. You found a good deal for only $2! To answer your question from our latest post, I didn't dilute the nectar. Kern's Nectars come in cartons and actually taste more like a juice. They are available in many grocery stores in California. Have a great night :-)
~Jess from Red Rose Alley

Kit said...

I just love New Age and nature music. But when I feel like cleaning the house, it's Frank Sinatra! :) Kit

diane.stetson said...

Strictly classical ...I listen to a classical station when I am driving anywhere far. At home it is silent, silent, silent.

Joyful said...

I LOVE music of all kinds but believe it or not I seldom listen to it. Mostly though I think I listen to classical (Mozart, Smetana, Beethoven) and World Music (gospel and folk songs in other languages). Love your t.p. holder ;-)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love all kinds of music. We listen to classical a lot as background music at home. When I'm driving give me some great lyrics! Kathy Mattea is one of my all time favorites, Trish Yearwood, Dixie Chicks...sing along stuff. I like Adele also. Great deals on used CD's and I'm going to start looking for them more now. Hugs, Linda

Ruth Kelly said...

I am a fan of VInce and Kathy but I had never heard of Eva Cassidy. I, too, love a variety of music but country is dear to my heart.

I saw Kathy Mattea years ago in a concert; she has the most incredible lungs - could sing well without any mikes.

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

I could never pick a favorite music group. I simply couldn't. I love so many different styles of music.

Bookie said...

Your new TP holder just "wioes" me out with cleverness!!! :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love all kinds of music. Depends on my mood. But I'm probably a rock-n-roll girl at heart -- classic rock, that is. Don't like much from the 80's. That is one fancy tp holder. I put my extra rolls in baskets. :) Have a great day! Tammy

Nellie said...

Andrea Bocelli, Il Divo, Susan Boyle, Celtic Woman, Placido Domingo, Josh Groban - those will do for a start.:)

Dee said...

I like easy listening classical music and Southern gospel along with the blues. I have to say you now have one fancy toilet paper holder.:) Love the bargains at book sales.

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