Monday, August 13, 2012

Polish Dinner Is Served

My maternal grandparents came to the United States from Poland.

They were both just teenagers and never saw their families in Poland again. When I think of the immensity of that sacrifice, in order to have better lives for all  of us, it's overwhelming.

 Thanks to their sacrifices, my own family and I have good lives, too. Deep gratitude fills my heart.

All my life I have been proud of the Polish part of my heritage.

Sunday, I put together a Polish dinner and trust me, it was a yummy one.

Made "golumpki" or stuffed cabbage, potatoes with onions and salt pork seasoning, and kapusta, a mixture of chopped cabbage and sauerkraut with a little sugar added.

Also bought rye bread because who could have a Polish dinner without it?

Today, I plan to share this feast with several people so that's why I made so much.

The photos shown in this post were all part of the Polish cooking marathon.

  Wish I could send out some bites of the final product!



Anonymous said...

OMG I want stuffed cabbage now! I will need a recipe to make some.

Kit said...

Yes, I have and it is wonderful! Stuffed Cabbage is the best! Oh, rye bread, I haven't had that in years. Enjoy!! Kit

Lorraine said...

I love cabbage rolls! A comfort food in my book! Yours look delicious!!!

Joyful said...

Yes I like Polish food, esp. kohlbasa and perogies.

EM Illustrator said...

That looks really tasty and healthy, reminds me of a similar Swedish dish.

Bookie said...

Wish I could come to your looks very good! I am a cabbage lover!

Leann said...

Hey Susan

Love these - we call them halupki. Can you share your recipe - it's different than mine?

We also make halushki...pierogi...mmm!


Merlesworld said...

I usually don't like cabbage but I worked in a place that had a Polish cook who ran the lunchroom we all ate in and the food was wonderful but sadly I haven't had any since, I haven't been able to cook any of the meals like him.

Dee said...

I am drooling .

Nellie said...

I do enjoy Polish food, though I haven't had it often.

The immigrants to this country had - and still have - such a risky time. My ancestors came from Ireland to this country. I'm not sure they had much better times here, though. I will say that there were better times ahead for their descendants.

xo Nellie

Chatty Crone said...

That was delicious looking. I did not know you were Polish. My husband is 100% Polish! So we love the same things.

Love, sandie

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