Friday, December 7, 2012

Bring a Bit of Brightness Into Every Room at Christmas Time

Christmas trees are magical.

Big, towering ones, filled with lovely ornaments are amazing but small, simple trees can be just as lovely.

There's just something about the lights on a tree that makes adults  like feel like children again.

Perhaps a lighted tree jogs our memories of childhood and the sweet innocence and simplicity of youth.

Sitting in a room with a brightly lighted tree can make our hearts sing.

This year, our big tree is in the living room, as always.

However, there is a very picturesque fiber optic tree in one bedroom window and an old-fashioned ceramic tree with colored lights on the dresser in another room.

Both of those trees are very pretty and cast a lovely glow in the rooms from dusk until bedtime.


 I even added a simple little two-foot tree to a desk in my home office this year. 

It's shown in this post. 

 It glowed brightly in multiple colors as I made out my Christmas cards and it contributed to holiday happiness.



jeanetteann said...

It's very pretty,sparkling away. Yes I love the lights too. We have 3 traditional small ones and the tulle and organza one I made. It's the first time we have had more than one. I love it too. x

Lady Linda said...

Greetings my friend! I love trees too. I have a a second tree in my tea room. It's a skinny one that just has my glass ornaments on it. My family makes fun of it and calls it my pencil tree! I love it.
I will keep my eyes open for a Becky's Christmas. It is a hard one to find!
Love ya....Linda

Trish.. said...

I agree with you - twinkling lights bring out the inner child!
Hubby and I are empty-nesters now but we still drive around to see the houses all decorated and lit up for Christmas :-)
Haven't got our tree up yet but will do it next week.

Merlesworld said...

No only one tree, I have only had two trees in my life, I grew very attached to my first tree and it was like losing an old friend when it was falling apart and I had to get a new one, we had this one a few years now and I'm getting attached to it.

ImSoVintage said...

I know what you mean about the lights. I see a brightly lit tree and I am immediately transported back to childhood.

Bookie said...

Sweet little tree, Susan. And you are right about the lights...I love lights everywhere in December!
Have a good Saturday....

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Aw I love the little trees so much! I only have one up so far but not sure I'm going to put more up or not!
hugs, Linda

Nellie said...

At this moment, we have only one small tree up, along with a stuffed version that is on a table in the foyer. We will have a larger one in place, hopefully before the day is done.:)

Denise said...

Love your pretty tree,it does warm the heart,I agree.Thank you for visiting Me.Enjoy your day :)

Chatty Crone said...

I know every room in your house is probably beautiful. I like your tree. You know what I am looking for - a little aqua tree. I would love that. Yes we have a couple trees.

Love, sandie

Glenda said...

Your little tree brings back memories of my first Christmas in my apartment as a single career gal. I was not driving at the time, so I went on my lunch hour to the grocery store across the street from my workplace, where they had small artificial trees. The tree was all put together, so the only way to get it home on the bus was for them to bag the bottom of the tree in one large grocery bag (paper was all that was used at that time), then put another large bag over the top of the tree. I got it home, then on another trip, I found some lovely small ornaments--balls, bells, lights---and that was the prettiest little tree I had ever seen! I was so proud of it, and I can't remember what I did with it after using it for a few years. It probably got thrown away with so many other things that I had to get rid of when I got married. At this time, we don't even have a tree up in our apartment, as there's really no space for one, but I enjoy looking at other people's decorations a lot!!

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

It's lovely, Susan. I have one big tree, but enjoy a couple of small ones, as well. That's what most years look like at my house, but since I'm preoccupied with more important things this year, there'll be no trees at my house. Pooh!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I haven't put up a tree in 8 years. Lack of space and my late husband's battle with leukemia put that on pause.

I'm thinking about getting a small tree. I do miss having one.

diane.stetson said...

I just have one little tree...artificial but so pretty in the dining room. I have some outside lights and a Santa who lights up outdoors too. I used to have a real tree each year but now that the kids have grown up and moved away my little one is easy to put up and enjoy!

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