Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Season Keyboard Intruder

 'Twas a night during Christmas
While writing in the house,
Came the soft feet of kitty
Barely missing my mouse.

She jumped up on the keyboard
Like a thief in the night.
I knew for quite certain
It was not worth a fight.

Around the back of the computer
She happily hid.
Exploring the wires
Like a curious kid.

Later on she had tuna
And a sip of half and half.
Her keyboard gymnastics
Gave me quite a good laugh.

  I whispered for  certain
As I turned off the light.
A Merry Christmas dear kitty 
And to all,  a goodnight!



Susan said...

I'm not certain if Rosie will mess with my keyboard or computer, but Bailey sure liked to help me sew by laying on the fabric, batting at the thread bobbin, and walking all over my patterns! I love your poem--so creative:-D

middle child said...

This is one of the many things cats learn at kitty school. They are also taught to sit on a book or newspaper you are reading and to burrow under the sheets when you are trying to make the bed. Enjoy!

Linda O'Connell said...

Your Honey Cat owns the house, lest you forget. Cute poem to go with the photos.

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Susan... I love cats but haven't had a cat for over 10 years now.
What I do have is a 9 year old Jack Russell who likes to help me make my bed.
I love your poem.
Barb from Australia

Bookie said...

You are feeling creative this hasn't gotten you down! Cute take on the Christmas poem...

Nellie said...

No pets in the house to compete with computer time, though our cat would probably appreciate more company in his "abode." (the garage)

Very creative poetry from you, Susan!

Ruth Kelly said...

Way to go - a delightful poem. My cats think that when I sit down to the computer that it is their time for me to groom them.

kitty said...

What cute poem, Susan! You are so creative.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you write very well. The photos of your cat are very creative. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. We keep in touch.

diane.stetson said...

I do not have pets anymore. Your cat loves company...and the poem was fun to read!

Karen Lange said...

Love the poem! You just never know where inspiration will come from, do you? :) Hopefully your kitty lets you get a little writing done this week!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Merlesworld said...

What a great poem, I have a cat that wakes me up every morning, if it's cold she sleeps in my bed but if it's warm she just comes in at about 7am and jumps on me and in cat talk she says "get up lazy and feed me".

Dee said...

I just put my kitty's on my blog today. I truly enjoyed your poem....perhaps we will hear more from you :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan this poem just made my day! I have a kitty helper in Charlie! What a sweet kitty you have and such great photos of her! Hugs, Linda

Glenda said...

Your poem is most enjoyable, and I think it expresses the feelings of many who have feline companions! One of my Facebook friends has a kitty who enjoys playing with the sheets as they shoot out of the printer, so that is entertaining for her to watch! No pets here, though, as the apartment owner does not allow them. I always enjoy seeing pics of other folks four-legged family members, and your kitty is beautiful! :-)

Lorraine said...

aw... she is a love for sure! Cute poem too!

Susan said...

Welcome to Rose, this blog's 338th Follower.

Thanks for choosing to follow this blog, Rose. You are most welcome.

Hugs to all and warm wishes for a terrific weekend. Susan

Chatty Crone said...

Your little one is adorable - and she looks warm!!! I have Disco who has his own chair beside mine.

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Oh yes! We have 4, and the youngest comes running when I get the laptop out. He loves to lay across my wrists as I type, and let one paw driiiiiift.....across the mouse pad.
I see screens never before brought up on the screen when he is around!

Donna said...

Susan, this was just too cute. The photos and poem were priceless :)

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