Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Living Room and Kitchen of Christmas Dollhouse, Part 2

 Hello Everybody! 

Welcome to a tour of Christmas dollhouse, part 2!

Today we will have a peek inside the living room. 

The little tree lights up with red and green blinking real lights!

Here's the teeny manger scene. It fits nicely on a coaster!

Oh my. There's a miniature Santa collection here!  Just like in the big house!

And look how comfy Christmas cat looks, all curled up nicely on the bottom stair!

He even wears an itsy bitsy red and green ribbon around his miniscule neck!

Raggedy Ann and Andy are under the tree this year. The dollhouse kids will be so happy on Christmas morning!

Herrrrrrre's the kitchen! Oh look!  There's a mini-Honey cat, too!

The Santa pin-turned-painting is in the window!

The tiny gingerbread house I made out of an index card and cupcake sprinkles! Woo hoo!

Help yourself to a candy cane!

See the Christmas house on top of the refrigerator?

The dollhouse  is now ready for Christmas!



Chatty Crone said...

I like the wreathes on the windows and Santa in there. I like the tiny candy canes. I like all the little ones on the staircase. And I love the miniature nativity scene - gorgeous!

Love, sandie


Embora eu não comemore natal e festas do genero, mas o carinho e a mimosidade em que foi elaborada as peças, deixaram um ar de tranquilidade e harmonia.
Parabéns, é a arte mostrando um encanto.
Beijinhos no seu coração

diane.stetson said...

Wonderful pictures...just wonderful...so so cute!

Rebecca said...

What's NOT to like?!?

The living room & kitchen in your little house are just plain sweet! Well done, Susan :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So cute! I wish I had a house all decked out like that for the holidays. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Merlesworld said...

Amazing thats all I can say.

Nellie said...

I like dollhouses for the opportunity to use one's imagination! Your dollhouse is wonderful, Susan!
xo Nellie

Lorraine said...

Seeing your lovely doll house decorated for Christmas brings out the child in me and a magical and imaginative whimsy as I look at each tiny item. SO FUN!

Minnie Kitchen said...

Oh Susan, this is fabulous! The dollhouse must have taken forever to decorate! I especially love the Christmas theme and the mini dollhouse and raggedy Ann!

Hindustanka said...

Hi, Susan! I found your log and decided to stay! I love dolls (still) and I liked your dollhouse very much. All those tiny furniture and tiny dishes, cups, rugs and all that!Great job by you:) Take care, Anna.

Glenda said...

Everything you have done is SOOO adorable! Those dollhouse people are going to have a marvelous time as they enjoy all your efforts! :-)

Linda O'Connell said...

When do you have time to write? You are alwys busy cooking fabulous dishes, or decorating your real or miniature house. You are so creative.

Debbie Mitchell said...

I love this!! My mom would have loved this as well. She did a beautiful job with minatures. The dollhouse is just beautiful!!

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Susan.... you are an amazing crafts person...your dolls house is so beautiful.....I'm lost for words.
The tiny Nativity is wonderful..
Barb from Australia

Rose said...


Coming by way of Chatty Cathy's blog. I find you dollhouse fascinating. I always wanted one.

I do have a doll collection. I never had a doll as a child. All my dolls have been gifts from my children.


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