Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gratitude Sunday in the Heart of Winter in New England

 Today we are joining Gratitude Sunday  #4 on Linda's blog, A La Carte.

Stop by there and take a look at some things people are thankful for. 

These days, I am most thankful for warm, fleece sheets; a soft cranberry colored velour blanket; a snuggly quilt and a down comforter, all on our bed.

In addition, I'm deeply thankful for small electric heaters that we purchased this year to save money on the oil bill.

Lastly, during these chilly, deep freeze days, I'm grateful for our fireplace.

Being close to the crackling fire is the best place to be when the temps outside dip down to single digits. 

The photos in this post show you  what it looks like outside around here these days.

  I snapped these photos following a winter snow storm in Massachusetts one day last week.

Here's my car before I brushed it off!



Kit said...

Wow, loving all your snow! We have had a warm spell lately (well warm for here 34 degrees)but we still have plenty of snow on the ground. :) We have had some winters where we can go down to -20. Yikes! Kit

Susan said...

Very rarely have we ever seen in the 20s here in the Seattle area--winter is usually in the 40s with an occasional dip into the 30s. I know you'll be getting warmer next week and maybe all the snow and ice will melt. Until then, staying by the fireplace sounds lovely, XOXO

EM Illustrator said...

Wow that's a lot of snow you've got there. We have strong winds here in Dublin this morning, and it's really cold.
The coldest temperature I've experienced while living in Sweden was -27C, but it was only for a couple of days but it was hard to stay warm. I don't mind real winter, the ideal would be a few inches of snow and a steady temp of -5-10C or so.
But here in Ireland it's different, you have to cover yourself from the rain and winds, not so much snow. Am so much looking forward to spring to have warmer temps.
Enjoy your Sunday!


jankasgarten said...

There is so much snow with you, waw! Beautiful winter photos.
Also we currently have lots of snow and frost.
Greetings... Dorothea

Linda O'Connell said...

Very little snow this year, and next week it will be almost 70 one day and 36 the next. We don't know how to dress.

Susan said...

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Raimundo, this blog's 349th Follower!

Raimundo's blog is Arte e Saladas (Art and Salads). He lives in Brazil!

Welcome, Raimundo. Gracias for following! Hope you stop by often.

Hope everyone has a happy and
peaceful Sunday.

Hugs to all! Susan

Tammy said...

Are you sure there's a car under there? :) Too cold for me! We got into the high 30's and that was not good in these concrete buildings with no insulation and no central heat. Thankfully we are on in a warming trend. I wish it would climb to 70 and stay there but we nearly double that during the summer time. Climbing into a warm comfy bed at night sure is satisfying. Best wishes, Tammy

Tree Hugger - Suzan said...

You're lucky to have snow!! Too warm last winter = too many stink bugs and spiders this past year. We need a good snow and icing, if for anything - for the beauty of it. You have beautiful photos of the trees and fence posts. Amazing how lots of white stuff can change the whole apperance of the world around you!!

Shirley said...

Yup, living in Mass we can expect lots of snow and very cold temps..Brrr...all I can say is I'm counting the day's till spring!
Stay warm..

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It's cold for my Southern blood here today in GA! I'm snuggled under a blanket for sure. Thank you for sharing your snow and your Gratitude!

Jemma said...

It looks mighty cold and beautiful outside!! I grew up in weather like that and will always find it beautiful and serene! Thanks for posting these pictures-I just took a walk down memory lane!

Chatty Crone said...

On my goodness - you sure did get a lot of snow to be grateful for and you can enjoy it and the fireplace and the heaters warm so you can be warm and watch cold beautiful snow.

a shade fancier said...

Hi Susan,
I agree those small electric heaters are very helpful. As for the beautiful snow ---- I am thankful you are sharing the pictures and I don't have to experience it first hand!! Love the look but do not love the feel of snow.
Top of the gratitude list: your visits to my blog and the sweet, sweet comments!
Missy M

diane.stetson said...

Wow...349 followers...good going Susan! Snow, cold temps, brushing off cars, driving on icy roads...YOU CAN HAVE IT...WINTER...UGH....not for the thin blooded soul like ME. I will take rain and temps in the sixties where I live anytime! Each to his own. The pictures are awesome though..just glad you live there and not me.

Bookie said...

The weather here is a yo-yo this year. Yesterday was a prefect spring the middle of winter! Today we were to have rain...again not yet. We so need water...I see the drought continuing in the Bread Basket. You snow looks wet and wonderful....

Glenda said...

Well, here in E TN, we normally will have a few days of temps in the teens, but not much snow. However, we had a snowfall on Jan. 17, and much of it is still lingering! Now, on the other side of town, where my sister lives, they barely had a dusting of the white stuff. This past Friday, we were "blessed" with an ice storm that slowed traffic considerably and shut schools and many businesses for the day. Oh, next door to us, there is a snowman, built on the 17th, who is still standing, although we've had several days of sunshine and temps in the 40s! I suppose he'll be leaving us soon, though, as it's supposed to get into the 60s this week before dipping into the 20s again. I am VERY thankful for our heated mattress pad! :-)

Nellie said...

Not too cold here, Susan. We have had temps in the mid to upper teens this season for our lows. Today's high is at 50, tomorrow will be near 60, and Tuesday is predicted to reach 70! That is the way our winter usually goes. It has been ages and ages since we have had snow like you have in your pictures. Also, we use an electric heat pump for our heating in the winter, and cooling in the summer. We are glad to have a garage for parking the cars.

Merlesworld said...

In Sydney we have never had snow in my lifetime about the low 40's in your temp measurement would be normal for winter here but our summer this year has made record high temps so who knows, the weather is crazy everywhere.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That looks incredible! But then...I do live in Florida. We do have a frosty night or two here in this part of the state though. Today it was 75 though...just perfect! Enjoy your week! Stay warm!

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...


I'm grateful to live in Southeast Texas where winter temps may get in the low 30's, or high 20's, but never for long. It's been a flip-flop week here, although we're expecting cooler temps later in the week, cooler being highs in the 60's.

Stay warm, my friend.

Dee said...

with all that snow a fireplace would be at the top of my thankful list. We just had a arctic freeze. 1 degree with six - 10 below wind chill.That was in my area, Lower South East Michigan which is the tropical part of the state. 50 degrees today :)

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