Friday, February 22, 2013

Blue Bird(S) of Happiness

 An entire family of turquoise glass birdies has come home to roost at our house.

It started  out with one turquoise bird.

He was in a country store where prices are more than I like to pay but he was so  adorable, I couldn't resist.

He was an "only child" for  awhile. Then, I found a girlfriend for him for only a buck at a yard sale .

Naturally, the young lovers eventually wanted kids.

One by one, believe it or not, the other little birdies joined the family.

Most  hung out at  yard  sales and I found them hiding behind salt and pepper shakers or under baskets.

Luckily, they all looked the same and were that  beautiful turquoise color.
The  littlest fellow cost only 50 cents!
  So now the family is pretty complete. 

I told them four "kids" were enough to take care of.

They wait for spring on a windowsill in a downstairs room. 

Even though they are really kind of turquoise, I still like to call them my "blue"birds of happiness.

Today we are joining Thrifty Things Friday on Diann's  blog, The Thrifty Groove. 

Please stop by her blog and say "howdy."



Nellie said...

Where we once lived, we often saw field larks. These days, we will occasionally see a blue bird, and on rare occasions there will be a hummingbird fly by. We have tried to provide housing to entice purple martins to stop over, but tree swallows have made their home there. They love to dive down and pick up garden pests.

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Oh they are adorable,I love them. x

Chatty Crone said...

Your birds are pretty - guess you got out the blue glass. I think I like the old male cardinal in front of snow - pretty picture in my mind.

Bookie said...

Boy, these birds are bright! They certainly must make you feel happy to see all that color lined up...esp. on a winter's day! We got no snow in our storm but we did get 2 inches of sleet!...and we also had thundersnow! Coulda' used some of your blue birds!

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

They are just beautiful, Susan. I love how the light streams through. Such a gorgeous color.

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Susan.... your 'Blue Birds' are beautiful. I like then all sitting in a row.
My favourite bird is a Tawney Frogmouth. I collect owls because tawney ornaments and jewellery are not made.I like birds in general.
Barb xx

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

thanks so much for stopping by!!

I LOVE how these birds look with the light from the window shining on them!! Beautiful!!

I love cardinals...


Sandy said...

Your little blue birds are simply
beautiful. I've seen them in the
stores and your right, high prices.
So glad you found more!
Thanks so much for your sweet
comments on my blog..made me

Ruth Kelly said...

What fun little treasures you have! I have a clear glass frog and a green glass frog that holds candles but nothing blue.

Anonymous said...

Love these! They remind me of my husband's grandmother. She also had a small collection of birds which she kept in a window for the sun to hit. Thanks for reminding me of a very special lady!

diane.stetson said...

I love cardinals..they are our school mascot. Dad always loved birds and fed them all the time.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan I have a window sill full of Blue Birds of Happiness also! I found my first one at the Thrift Shop and used it on my blog to announce my first Grand Child was coming! Now I have many more in all sizes and I love them. Not sure I could stop buying them when I see them for a bargain!! hugs, Linda

Leann said...

Hmmm.. I don't believe that I have a favorite bird. They are all beautiful - except I'm not fond of black birds or swallows.

Love your little flock!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I do not really like birds in general. I recognize that your are very cute blue birds. I will visit the blog that you recommend. Keep in touch

Jemma said...

Oh, Susan,

Your Bluebirds are delightful and what a special spot they found to roost on!! I agree with you 4 children is truly enough!!
Darling post!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Lorraine said...

Sweet description as to how you came to have your lovely flock of blue birds!

Merlesworld said...

They are so sweet, I love the colour, my favourite is the wrens that visit my garden in spring the male has a chest the colour of your birds the females are brown, they are very small and move very quickly but don't tell Pidge I like then better than him he won't like that.

Dee said...

so pretty.....

Diann said...

I always love to see all of your different colored beautiful glass pieces! These little birds are so pretty sitting in the window! Sorry I am so late in visiting from last week's party. It has been a hectic week. thank you for joining the party!

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