Thursday, March 21, 2013

Living in the Moment

The week is speeding by.

Each day has been pretty much crammed with so many things that needed doing and unending activities.

I've hardly seen the inside of this house. 

Like the little bunny shown here, I want to close my eyes, shield myself from the world, and make all the busyness go away.

Then, on the other hand, it's good to be busy, right? Good to be contributing to society in a positive way?

Well, I think it's good but it's also important to pace ourselves. Not too much of anything would be a good motto to follow.

I did want to show you a couple of Goodwill purchases from last weekend.

Here's the cute little hand-painted vase. 

It's about four inches tall and perfect for maple syrup at a pancake breakfast.

Then there's this pair of very pretty rose-covered photo frames.

Today is another marathon so I'll remember to take deep breaths and know that the day to stay blessedly home is right around the corner.



Lady Linda said...

Oh Susan, hugs to you! I just had a feeling you have been in a heavy pattern. I hope you're ok. I just try to focus on each day and not wish them to go by so quickly. I enjoy being home too...such a blessing when I don't have to be somewhere, do something, meet someone, do errands or take care of something. Retirement seems to be just as busy as any other season of my life. I'm just thankful that God has given me the good health to keep up with it all.
Take care my friend.
Love ya,

EM Illustrator said...

My work is very busy at the moment, and therefore I just chillax during the weekends and do my art. I like that vase and those photo frames you've got :)
Enjoy your day

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like the vase and photo frames with flowers. I agree with you that every day is filled with work and obligations. At least the weekend is for rest ... Keep in touch

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

I always wonder how we ever had time to go out to work.:) It's nice though to be able to come home,close that door and chill out,even if briefly. x

Linda O'Connell said...

I have all of our family photos displayed in this same kind of ceramic frames. I love them, don't you?

Bookie said...

Your finds are so nice...but the pitcher really catches my eye because I know from pictures that it is perfect for your says SUSAN all over it. More snow and sleet coming today they say...yucky.

Glenda said...

My method for handling a busy schedule is just to avoid planning so much in the first place!! I make no apology for being a bit laid-back, and over the years, I have learned to say a definite "NO!" to many requests, as I know that my body cannot handle too much activity these days, since I developed degenerative disk disease and have to pace myself. I'm thankful that you still have the good health to keep up such a busy schedule, but hope you'll remember to breathe amidst all your busyness!! Love your thrifty finds, as always!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I don't like it when days are jampacked. There must always be a little down time or I get cranky. Today is a beautiful day and the weekend has begun. So happy for that. Glad you received the card -- sure took a long time to get there. Best wishes, Tammy

Chatty Crone said...

Oh I love your little bunny - and I have felt like that myself - stop the world I want to get off.

I find this for me - it is all about moderation. A time for this and a time for that. If I have nothing to do I go crazy. If I have too much to do I go crazy!

So I try to moderate. lol


diane.stetson said...

I love to keep busy...when it gets to be too much I focus on the next vacation or holiday coming up when I do not have to work..ha!

Ruth Kelly said...

I agree with Chatty crone- moderation is the key. If I have too much for one day, I can put it on the to do list for the next day.

Leann said...

It's sometimes difficult but we do have the option to say no to things although most times we don't right?


Enjoy your weekend!

Journeyin' Lady... said...

Cute pitcher!
How do you handle a stuffed schedule? Same way you eat an elephant. . .one bite at a time :-)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sometimes I just have to stop for a minute and relax!! Otherwise I get overwhelmed. Love your sweet finds this week. Take care and know I'm sending a big hug!


Dee said...


Donna said...

Hi Susan - thank you so much for your sweet comment on our Mr. J. I will do an update post as soon as we know anything!

I hope you have a relaxing day soon. It sounds as though you are busy!


Nellie said...

My schedule tends to become overcrowded at times. I am sure to get plenty of rest and eat well, along with drinking plenty of water. Those things help keep my energy level up and my mind clear enough to do what needs to be done. Also, remember to find a reason to laugh!

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