Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blog Peeps from Afar

Awhile back, I sent a book to Lucy,  a dear blog peeps in Canada, as she indicated an interest in it. 

Her blog is Heart and Hearth.

 After it was sent off, I never gave it another thought.

Can you believe Lucy sent me a beautiful thank you note with a cute clip to me?

Honestly, people in blogland are the best!

The card has such a beautiful image on it. 

Wouldn't you just love to sit at that table and enjoy the beauty surrounding it?

Thanks, Lucy!

Two surprises came on separate days from another very dear blog peeps, Tammy, in Kuwait! 

Her blog is T's Daily Treasures.

Imagine!  She took the time to send the unexpected remembrances all the way from across the world!

Tammy sent an adorable embroidered pink rose that I think I'll be able to use somewhere in my dollhouse.

She also sent a cute little pad with my initial on the front plus very kind notes.

Thanks, Tammy!

I'm so amazed and gratified that kindness is alive and thriving in blogland!



Bookie said...

Blog: one link in a chain made of varied interests, new places, and friendly faces if only in pictures.

Lady Linda said...

How fun Susan to connect with friends all over the world via blogland!
My first thought when someone asks me about blogging, is oh, you are missing out on so much fun and meeting so many people! I guess you can give a technical answer, but I like to go into a big explanation and then I really get sidetracked talking about my blog friends...wonderful people like YOU!

Susan said...

Blog friends are so special and I too love being part of this chain of incredible women, XOXO

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: all your gifts are beautiful. To me a blog is a place to share the same hobbies with other people around the world. Keep in touch

Hindustanka said...

lovely gifts! happy for you Susan :) I also already got few during my blogging "career". It is really fun and brings so much joy! Blog is a connection!

Lucy said...

Ohhh Susan,this made my morning:))thank-you so kindly.I always tell my children "you get back what you give in life..."you're a great example! XO~L

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Susan... your gifts are so lovely and thoughtful...such nice friends to send them to you...
I tell friends that Blogging is like keeping a diary of ideas and happenings you want to share with others ....and a way to make friends and share the things that interest them.......
Thanks for such a good question, Susan......in thinking about blogging...I've realised that I've been doing to much talking and not enough sharing... Must change this!!!
Hugs and Blessings..
Barb xx

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan you are so kind and generous I know others love to give back to you! I love blogging and often tell people it's the best thing ever on the internet! Wishing you a wonderful week my sweet friend!

Nellie said...

What lovely gifts, Susan! I'm not sure that anyone has ever asked me about a blog. Perhaps that means I am not talking about it.:-)

diane.stetson said...

No one has asked me.....nice gifts!

Merlesworld said...

The young ones don't blog much now my daughter had one a while back now, but she reads mine all the time, its a good way of keeping in touch and recording day to day life thats what I tell people a bit like reading the newspaper only on a more personal level.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey there Susan! I'm really glad your gifts arrived. Good idea to use the little rose in your dollhouse. You could cut the material smaller and fashion some sort of frame around it to hang on the wall. Though if your dollhouse is like my house there might not be any wall space. Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

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