Thursday, April 25, 2013

Good Things Come in Small.....Books

Sometimes the littlest things or events in life gift us the biggest pleasure.

Take, for instance, a book purchased recently at a used book sale.

It's a little more than four inches high, about three inches wide, and was published 38 years ago!

On the cover a little elf-like figure sits on a leaf in a group of yellow flowers.

It cost either 50 cents or a quarter. Can't remember which as I peeled off the price tag.

It's a Hallmark Cards book,  printed in 1975.

It's written by Karen Ravn and illustrated by Sue Tague and Becky Farley.

The artists made enchanting little colored illustrations all the way through the tiny volume.

Since I have a basket of small books on a counter in the bathroom, it seemed this one would be a perfect addition and it was!

The short lines on each page are absolutely charming.

For example: 

  "Contentment comes from little    
 seeds of cheerful words and loving deeds."

Or how about:

                            "Peace is a gift from heaven above
                              That flourishes in hearts
                              filled with brotherly love."

I LOVE this little book and I'm so grateful to the author, illustrator and Hallmark cards for publishing it so many years ago.

It's the best purchase for under a dollar that I've made in a long, long time.

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diane.stetson said...

Sometimes I can find good bargain books on my kindle for under five dollars but I've not found a book for a quarter in a very long time. I love your collection of little books.

Martha's Favorites said...

Just had to stop by and tell you how much I love the new picture of yourself. You look too cute! Have a great week. Hugs, Martha

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like the small second hand books. In my city there are markets selling used books and I love going to look at the books. There are real treasures at cheap prices. My last book that I bought used was one child. Keep in touch

La Tea Dah said...

Just precious! I love little books. I have a little crocheted "bag" of them that I keep on display. Some day I'll show them to you.

I love your treasure!

Gracious Hospitality

Linda O'Connell said...

Susan I like your newest photo. How did I miss Honey Cat? She's a cutie too.

Nellie said...

What a cute book - and full of such good words, too. The last bargain book I bought was a Betty Crocker party book from the sixties! Fun to look at it!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am always buying bargain books. I love little books with such sweet illustrations also! Great find my friend.

marianne said...

I love little books also, Susan. I have a few; one I particularly cherish. It was given to me by my two sons as a Christmas gift in 1991. It has beautiful pictures and quotes that I never tire of reading.

Your little book is quite lovely. I see you get much enjoyment from it.
I enjoyed seeing part of it on the blog. Thanks for sharing.


Poppy said...

Hi Susan,

Your little vintage book is darling!
It IS the small and simple things in life that make an impression on us, whether that turns into a lasting memory or just make us smile with a quiet happiness. Thanks so much for sharing this little treasure!

Poppy :)

Dee said...

Sweet little vintage books...I always scoop these kind up when I find them. We are on the same page with our posts. I went to a book sale yesterday with my Frank. :) I like your idea of keeping them in a basket in the bathroom...nice idea.

Chatty Crone said...

Susan you little books sounds nice - and I bet that it is pretty in the bathroom - good idea too! I have to be honest I have not bought one in ages. sandie

Denise said...


Rebecca said...

Our bookshelves are FULL & running over - but guess where I headed at every thrift store I visited while on vacation???? Yep! And I came home with a stack of new ones. Very excited about all of them (but wondering where I'm going to put them....).

Decadent Housewife said...

I think books are nicer than wallpaper or paint.

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