Monday, September 2, 2013

Bye Bye Blues

Well, we are now going full speed into the month of  sweet September.

This is a lovely month with cooler temps but still beautiful weather.

Plus, it's my birthday month and trust me, I celebrate each and every day!

Soon the pretty cobalt blue glass pieces that my sister gave me are going to be packed away because the amber glass is coming down from the attic.

Every second of the blues that are left, however, are going to be savored and enjoyed.

Isn't this blue heart just the prettiest piece imaginable?  



marianne said...

Wasn't sure why it is called "cobalt" blue, but I asked my son the chemist, since he was here, and he said that the element "cobalt" (from the periodic chart) has a blue color when it is in solution. So there is an answer.

Blue is not my favorite color, but your vase is quite lovely in shape and color.

Bring on the amethyst! as fall is my favorite season.

Bookie said...

Hate to think of that pretty blue stored away...hard to believe it is autumn time!!!

Ceil said...

Hi Susan! September is my birth-month too! Gotta love that sapphire. Your glass is beautiful!

Still pretty much like summer here, but I know the real Sept. is coming soon.

Happy Labor Day!

Chatty Crone said...

Andy just has studied the Periodic table - I was in 11th grade when I learned it!

I hate that has to go up - love that color, but I guess it is fall!


diane.stetson said...

Very nice of your sister to give you those pieces...I don't know why it's called cobalt..I just thought that was a shade of blue like azure or royal..etc.

Nellie said...

Oh, I LOVE that cobalt blue! I fear I would be leaving it out much of the year!:-)

Merlesworld said...

It's a wonderful colour.

Lavender Cottage said...

I have a number of cobalt blue pieces besides lavender and I like the heart your sister gave you.
Hopefully you will find the purple pitcher still waiting for you and I'd like to see it if it is.

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm not sure why it's called Cobalt Blue, but this color has always been so pretty and fascinating to me.

September is a grand month to have a Birthday, Susan. Fall is right around the corner. I do hope your day is filled with everything you love. You deserve it, dear.


Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, and this blue heart vase is beautiful.


Dee said...

I love how you change out your glass...each color you put out is gorgeous.

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