Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lots To Be Thankful For

As we edge closer to the end of October, the beginning of November and the Thanksgiving holidays, it's so good to be thankful.

Today when I saw a gigantic American flag at the top of a flag pole, fluttering in the wind and sunlight, it made me so thankful for freedom.

Despite everything that's wrong with this country, there's so much that is right and for those things, I am deeply thankful.

For all the gifts I often take for granted----a blossoming African violet plant on the kitchen windowsill;  the eager face of my beautiful little granddaughter when she lifts her arms in the air for me to pick her up;  and the sweet gentleness of our very old Honey Cat, I am thankful.

For my husband of many decades, still kind, loving and hard working, I am deeply thankful.

For eyesight, good health,  sweet memories, and hope for the future, my heart fills with thanks.

For faith in God, who provides it all and who treats His children with a Father's immense and never ending love, I am thankful.

For you, the person reading this post right now, I am soooooo thankful.  You are my inspiration and my impetus to continue writing!

Today, I hope you will feel your heart bursting with thanks, too, just to be alive on this incredible planet earth!



Red Rose Alley said...

I am sitting at my computer desk right now, and thinking how thankful I am to have YOU as a blog friend, Susan.

Your post is beautiful today, and certainly one of my favorites so far.


diane.stetson said...

My home, the climate I live in, my job, my health, my many things to thank the Lord for today and everyday!

Ruth Ann said...

I thank God for you Susan to help me focus on what is Good, I thank God for my wonderful family and the beautiful place I live, and I humbly thank God that I heard His call and responded - why me??? Have a very blessed day.

Chatty Crone said...

I am thankful for everything you said - you wrote everything so wonderfully - and your picture was beautiful too. I liked the one especially for America right now. Next I am grateful for being able to worship the real God and then my family and friends. Have a good Sunday. sandie

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I am grateful to you for your kind words. You are always a very inspiring for me. God I give thanks everyday for my wonderful family and being healthy. Keep in touch

Eva Ason said...

I am thankful for being healthy

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nice post

Terra said...

Amen, sister blogger. Our list of blessings is immense.

Kit said...

I am watching the Broncos with my love and my cat and I have all my little lites on, I am cozy and warm and so very thankful. :) Kit

Carol Z said...

My warm cozy apartment. So grateful to live in a place that I enjoy so much.

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