Saturday, December 7, 2013

Guest Writer Shares Her Ashton-Drake Christmas Dolls

It is with great delight that I present to you a post done by a dear, long-time friend, Jana, from Georgia!

Jana was so gracious to agree to take photos of her gorgeous dolls and write about them for Writing Straight from the Heart readers. 

Hope you enjoy Jana's photos and text!



 "These Christmas dolls, "Decorating the Tree", are from the Ashton-Drake Galleries and were created by the artist Mary Tretter.

Tisha, shown above,  rests on her heels and is dressed in a plaid romper with her hair tied up in a ponytail.  

The ribbons in her hair match the colors of her romper.  She is anticipating which color ornament from her box to place on the tree.

Patrick, shown below,  is wearing blue corduroy overalls and a white shirt with drummer boys on the chest.

  He is anxiously awaiting to string the lights on the tree.  The lights actually work with the aid of the battery pack hidden in his clothes.

 Ryan is seated stringing cranberries and popcorn for the tree.

 He wears green cords and a festive red, green, and white sweater over his Christmas turtleneck.

  (How many times have I been stabbed by the REAL needle in his hand while setting these up?)

Melissa is the center of attraction on the ladder and in her ivory taffeta dress trimmed in red.

 She can't wait to place the star at the top of the tree. 

 Her hair is done in ringlets just the way my mother used to fix my hair when I was a little girl.  Wish I had that much hair now!

These dolls are the center of attention on the coffee table in the living room.  

The tree the dolls are decorating came with the set.  

The stand has seen better days.  I'm in there every day standing the tree back up!"

p.s. Jana will be sharing some more of her holiday decorations during December including a stunning wreath made from boas, her attractive living room tree and a tree decorated with teacup ornaments!

So please keep stopping by! 



Rose said...

Dolls are beautiful.

I also collect dolls but after a place to display them all.

Terra said...

Your friend's dolls are magnificent. I had not heard of this type of doll before your post.

diane.stetson said...

I've never heard of them..I bet you enjoyed that blog though Susan!

Victorian1885 said...

What sweet dolls you have Jana! You must get lots of pleasure from these cuties.
Enjoy the Holiday Season Susan & Jana!

Chatty Crone said...

Is this the gal you connected with? Those dolls are very pretty - I have not heard of them though.

My favorite was Melissa.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That is quite a cute collection. They look like they are good sized, too. Happy holidays to one and all, Tammy

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

Oh I have never seen a doll display so unusually beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Jana Polly said...

Beautiful job putting this together, girlfriend! I'm happy to share the collection with your readers. I always enjoy seeing what other people use to decorate their homes during the holidays as do many others. Merry Christmas to all!

Bookie said...

I still have my Toni doll and Ideal walking doll although they are a little rough from childhood and now time alone takes a toll. I used to sit my Toni doll under the tree...when I still had hopes of mothering a girl! These dolls are lovely and must be lots of fun to set up in December!!!

Susan said...

The little girl inside me just lit up with amazement--what a beautiful collection. XOXO

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I had not seen these dolls before. These dolls look like real children. Nice pictures Christmas. Jana has an impressive collection of dolls .. Keep in touch

Dayle Allen Shockley @ A Collection of Days said...

Such a joy to see these dolls. I have this same set, although I don't bring them out every year at Christmas. Their expressions are adorable.

Nellie said...

What an eye-catching arrangement! I can't say that I've heard about Ashton-Drake dolls before. They are adorable!

Merlesworld said...

No I've never seen them before, they have more personality than most dolls.

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