Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Irises, Irises Everywhere

Before today's post, I would like to ask those of you who are inclined, to please pray today for a very dear friend and fellow blogger, Sandie from the blog "Chatty Crone."                         

She is having a double mastectomy today after cancer was found at her last mammography.                                                              

Sandie is an incredibly kind and loving human being. 

That she has been stricken with wretched cancer is just unfathomable.                                                                  

She brings so much love to the world and always makes us laugh with her posts.                                                                                    

Please pray for her and for all of her family today.                         

Last night, I asked her if it would be okay to print this and  she "yes."                                                                                       

 So thanks, dear blog peeps.                                                            
God  bless you, dear Sandie, and help you throughout this day and all the days ahead.                                                               
                                               (This, and the irises below, are from our yard!)

Do you equate some flowers with your childhood?  

I do.

When I was a little girl, my father grew irises in a round bed, located in our sideyard.

Their scent in the spring was like a whiff of heaven. 

It was so sweet and delicate.

I remember bending over those beautiful lavender irises and sticking my nose into their blossoms.

               (The irises in these two photos were found at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, Connecticut. Aren't the pinks divine?  Maybe I should try to find some of those for next season. sighhhhhh)

Even today, many decades later, irises make my heart sing. 

Right now, there is a bouquet of dark purple ones on the kitchen table. 



Susan said...

I equate peonies from my granma's garden with my childhood. Your Irises are beautiful!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I pray for Sandie. Cancer is devastating. Red roses are the flowers of my childhood. I liked very much for its color. Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

First of all, I agree with you about Sandie. We have been blog friends for years, and she is, indeed, a warm, loving, wonderful person. I pray every trace of cancer is removed from her body.

We have a large iris garden about 20 miles from us, and I just visited there about 10 days ago. Did you know that irises come in dozens of colors? I always thought of them as only purple, but there are orange, peach, yellow, pink, white, almost black, etc. They are such beautiful flowers.

A lot of flowers remind me of childhood, as my grandmother had a very large flower garden. It was a regular habit of hers to clip an assortment of blooms, then head to the cemetery to beautify her parents' graves.

Blessings to you,

Nellie said...

Prayers for Sandie.

I love the irises! They are the Tennessee state flower!

diane.stetson said...

Peonies....I think that is how you spell them. They bring many memories. We had them in our yard too along with the Irises. I love their blossoms and smell so much. I miss them. I will pray for your friend today. May the angels surround her.

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Hi Susan, Will be offering up prayers for Sandie all day. Thanks for posting about her situation.

Peonies, for me - to answer your question. A row of them lined one side of the driveway, mostly pinks but one was an exotic red - gorgeous. And their scent was my favorite....probably because their bloom coincided with school letting out for the season! Yay. That was decades ago. Had them at my last house but had difficulty keeping them tidy - they flopped everywhere even though I tied them...between that and the ants that love them, I decided to abandon them in our gardens thus far....may have to reconsider...I miss those big pink beauties!

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Oh and your purple-blue irises are gorgeous too! Thanks for sharing pics. ;-)

Gosia said...

Pink irises are beautiful I have never seen that before. Fingers crossed for your Friend.

Valerie said...

Oh I love Irises. I have a big bed of them each spring. My favorite is a bright yellow.
I will say a prayer for your dear friend, and hope all goes well.
Blessings and sunshine, Valerie

RetroStreetStation said...

super lovely pictures <3

x Maria
New outfit post up on my blog
featuring my new light pink summer dress

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So sorry to hear about Sandie. Sending her healing wishes and blessings.

The only flowers I can remember are azaleas -- from growing up in the south, and magnolias. :)

Have a great day. Tammy

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

We love our Dear Sandie, don't we, Susan. She brightens our lives and spreads goodness where ever she goes. I am so thankful her surgery is over and that it was so successful and that preliminary reports indicate the cancer has not spread!
Praise God!

La Tea Dah said...

I will be praying for Sandie. I'm feeling sad for her.

And flowers and childhood memories: iris for me as well! There was a man in our community who raised huge fields of iris' as his hobby. Each was labeled and documented. It was amazing! And never, ever did I see a weed in the entire field. He showed them at local flower shows and traded roots or gave them away. My mother enjoyed growing some of his stock in her own garden. And the fragrance --- wonderful! I would walk by one of the fields on my way to school.

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