Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Robin, Robin Redbreast

For many months last year, after buying a used cast iron bird bath, I yearned for birds to come and use it!

None came.

But during the winter, by providing lots of seeds,  the little feathered friends started to visit.

You can imagine how thrilling it was to see a fat robin taking sips out of the birdbath.

Not only did he sip, he took a dip!

I didn't get the bath part on camera but it sure was thrilling to see!

He fluffed his wings and moved them quickly back and forth, splashing like crazy.

From the backyard porch, I cheered him on silently, not wanting to scare him.

The Biblical phrase "Good things come to those who wait," definitely came true in this case.



janice15 said...

Morning Susan, I have one at Mamas house and when I lived there before i watched them for hours. They would line up on the fence and fight over who was going first it was the silliest thing. Once they know where it is they will come often. Happy Monday with love Janice

diane.stetson said...

No birdbath or bird feeder in my yard due to other pesky pests...but I do have lots of birds...especially hummingbirds...love to watch them. Have a great week ahead!

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. And i don't have anything in my yard Keep in touch.

Chatty Crone said...

I did I don't anymore - but that looks really special - glad you got a robin and his picture!

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, I don't have a bird bath in my yard, but the Robin is one of my beloved birds and very special to me. I bet it was a sight seeing him have fun in your bird bath.

Have a lovely week.


marianne said...

I do have a small birdbath in my yard and enjoy watching the antics of the birds. They seem to really enjoy it and it is fun to watch them splashing around. Good job photographing the little Robin; they usually fly away before I can get any pictures.

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