Thursday, September 24, 2015

Awesome Autumn Has Officially Arrived

It's official.

It's fall.

Inside the house, adorned for autumn, a cinnamon orange spice candle flickers and fills many rooms with spicy fragrance.

Here in New England, the air is chilly in the morning and evening but warms up in the afternoon.

The days are quite golden and beautiful and it's gratifying to be immersed in sunlight.

 There is just a spattering of colored leaves on trees.

In just a few weeks,  when foliage is in full force, we will be immersed, once again, in almost unbelievable splendor.

The thought of another hard winter ahead makes me quiver so to avoid dwelling on the negative, it's preferable to just live in the moment.

This moment, life seems good, peaceful and plentiful and steeped to the max in autumn beauty.



diane.stetson said...

I like the songs about "Autumn Leaves" "September Song"
and I love the foliage in New England at this time of year...wish I was there as here the temperatures are in the 90's and we have a terrible drought!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Autumn ... nothing makes me happier.

Bookie said...

Love it is so mornings full of promise and gratitude both. Our afternoons are pretty hot right now but mornings are perfect.

Chatty Crone said...

I love your new header - I love the orange border - you had a great job Susan.
For me when i walk into a grocery store - I love the smell of the cinnamon brooms.

Nellie said...

Just the best season of the year, as far as I am concerned. At one time, it was spring, but our springtime has become such a short season that it doesn't last long enough. I like a nice long autumn! Cool mornings and evenings, with temps not too hot in between.:-)

Debbie Mitchell said...

Autumn.... I live among the blue ridge mountains of Virginia and it's when they come alive with the vibrant colors -- thats my favorite part!!

janice15 said...

Autumn, my favorite favorite time of the year....your in England I didnt know. How wonderful wish I was there . ... Happy Autumn Susan with love Janice

Babs said...

I love the colors, the cool nights and warm sunshiny days, it is just so wonderful a season...the smell of apple pie baking, burning autumn scentedandles, cinnamon .....mmmmmm love it!

Lady Linda said...

Hi Susan, i love the area where you live, but then I forget that I don't have to go through your winters. You had a hard one last year. My MIL always hated fall as it meant winter was coming to Illinois. Fall is my favorite season. I love the warm days but cool cooler mornings and evening. I love decorating my home and spending more time inside. I seem to get back to my quilting and crafting. I always feel like I come alive again in fall. I can just smell you lovely candle.

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