Sunday, September 18, 2016

Autumnal Amber

Nips in the early morning and late evening air are sure signs that fall is on its way.

Ahhhhh, autumn---it's a season of pure delight.

From the crispy crunch of leaves beneath our feet to the incredulous beauty of leaves in full, splendorous colors, autumn delights all the senses.

Pumpkins, gourds, dried corn, onions and sweet potatoes highlight farmers markets.

Darling chrysanthemums replace pansies and other summer flowers in front yard pots. They look so pretty.

Then there is amber glass. It's so reminiscent of autumn, don't you think?

A particularly chilly morning recently propelled me up to the attic to look for the plastic container labeled "Amber Glass." Found it!

Now, the cobalt blue glass has been moved to a big window in the pantry, instead of being packed away til next spring.

I've written about amber glass many times before and, if you are interested, you can check out a couple of these previous posts, here and here.

  In the meantime, happy fall!  

Go do something fun. 

Rake some leaves and then plop yourself down in them! 

 Your inner child will be delighted.



diane.stetson said...

Apples, colored leaves, pumpkins...but what I don't like is daylight savings time is over and the nights get dark too early..
Have a great birthday month Susan...enjoy the nip in the air and your amber glass. Have fun!

Chatty Crone said...

Love the way you move everything around for a different season there. I love the blue and I love the amber. It does feel like fall - and fall is my most favorite season of all. I love the cool crisp air - that things are dying away and will give way to a new spring.

Barbara Neubeck said...

.. your amber glass is lovely Susan... such lovely shapes and sizes.... I like clear glass and clear crystal the best ..... Barb xxx

Bookie said...

The amber is so warm feeling, like a campfire. We all are beginning to think autumn!

Merlesworld said...

It is very pretty.
Here Autumn is a time for cooling off after our hot summers.


Beautiful warm and Fallish amber collection you have displayed on your window sill.
Have a happy Fall,

BECKY said...

Hi Susan! I don't have just one thing I love most about autumn. I love everything about it! :) Except for the nights getting dark so early, like diane said in her comment.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh yes, the amber glass does remind me of Fall. You have quite a collection here, Susan. It's such a pretty goldish color. Thank you for the reminder to rake some leaves, and have the inner child in me surface again!

Have a blessed Sunday.


Susan said...

Beautiful display my friend. You have the most unusual pieces! XOXO

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I so enjoy seeing your amber glass. I hope to get mine out this year also. I love Fall and the crisp air and changing colors! Hugs!

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