Thursday, January 19, 2017

Flowery Thoughts to Perk Up a Winter's Day

Thoughts of fragrant hyacinth, jasmine, and lilacs give hope on a dark winter's day.

It's with great joy that I clip pictures of gardens and articles about fragrant flowers and paste them in my gardening scrapbook.

That is a scrapbook of future gardening dreams-come-true!

While at Trader Joe's last week, the first thing seen upon entering, right near a fresh flower display, were  humble little hyacinth plants.

Tags noted that some were white and some were pink.  Pink!  Fabulous. That's my favorite color.

Despite being on an extremely tight budget that day, a little "hya" made it as the first item into my cart. It cost $2.50.

She now sits in the center of the kitchen table on a pink tinged plate.

Little by little, her tightly closed buds are opening and blooming into mini-pink  fragrant "firecrackers." 

Oh such joy it is to stick my nose into the fabulous smelling blossoms.



Susan said...

Many thanks to new Followers of this blog!

Do you want to tell us who you are? If yes, just add a comment!


To everyone reading this, have a super day. Hugs. Susan

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Flowers make everything better, Susan. Hope you're staying warm in cold country. We've had a little of cold and a little of warm. Hard to know how to dress.

diane.stetson said...

I still have my red poinsettia in the living room that my best friend bought me for the holidays. It will last a long time.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love Hyacinth's!! Gorgeous and the smell. I might have to make a trip to Trader Joe's and see if my store has any!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Very pretty. As you know, our winter is the growing season in the desert, so everything is in bloom outside. Happy Thursday!

Barbara Neubeck said...

.. hi Susan.... I don't have plants in my house at all.... but you can see the garden from the windows and there is a bit of colour there.. xxxx
Love your pink Hyacinth xxxx.... Barb xxxx

janice15 said...

Its so nice when flowers start appearing I picked up to baby roses for $2.99. Yay love n hug Janice


I love hyacinth plants. Yours are pretty and pink. Their fragrance is delightful. I like purple ones.

Chatty Crone said...

I love your pink Hyacinth - so very pretty. No none in the house. Sandie

Linda O'Connell said...

We have one hyacinth in our yard, and I am delighted when it springs forth each year.

Bookie said...

A touch of spring, how nice. I don't have flowers right now as too much stuff already and they could carry bacteria. I do have a lovely Christmas cactus and an English Ivy that I won't part with. Thought they were worth the risk for while. Weather warm and inviting here today. I tried to sit outside but wind too chilly and strong and I did not feel well enough to face it. Have a good last weekend in January.

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