Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Thoughts!

It's a new year!

We can have new thoughts and goals. too, instead of resolutions.

At least that's what I plan to do.

For so many years of life, resolutions took over when the clock struck midnight on Dec. 31st.

Of course, the resolutions lasted for awhile but didn't stick for the whole year. 

That was a set up for failure and for feeling bad about one's self.

This year, this brand new, precious year of life, I can change my thoughts, have goals and just live life, appreciating every breath that I'm privileged to take.



Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the photos of your lovely flowers.
Several years ago I switched from making resolutions, which I never seemed to keep, to setting goals, which I sometimes accomplish.
Wishing you and your loved ones a new year filled with much joy and peace.

Kit said...

I agree! Resolutions just make one feel bad. I just strive to live my life as full as I can get. Do lots of fun things and be kind to all I meet. :) Kit

diane.stetson said...

I do not make resolutions and haven't for some time now. I never kept them anyway. I am just hoping the new year will bring good health which is so important at my age and peace in my family. I pray the same for you.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay those flowers are gorgeous! I love them. I haven't made any yet - still thinking.

Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, I stopped making new years resolutions some time ago - I just try to be the best me I can. I think you appreciating every breath that you're privileged to take is a very good start. ;) Lovely red flowers. Happy New Year!

love, ~Sheri


Love those pretty flowers on your post.

Barbara Neubeck said...

.. Hi Susan... I think your idea of setting goals is great. Being thankful for the air we breathe and the wonders that God surrounds us with is my goal for 2017.. I love your flower photos.. xxxx .... Barb xxxxx

Linda O'Connell said...

Less sugar and more writing is my hope. Your flowers are gorgeous.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I think of resolutions as firm, whereas intentions are flexible. Being mindful and grateful each moment of the day will guide our intentions. Wishing you all the best for 2017.

rebecca said...

It's been an unusual holiday for me (maybe because Christmas & New Years were on Sundays)... Somehow, though I wanted to prepare mentally for 2017, I was always behind myself. It really wasn't until today that it began to sink in that we are already 3 days into it! I find myself without a defining "word"for the year, with no "resolutions", and strangely OK with both. Looking forward to how the days unfold; learning new things; keeping a curious mind; staying active and healthy physically and mentally. I've kind of given up being profound and philosophical and will just hunker down and do what are the obvious things in front of me to do and do them well with joy and enthusiasm.

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