Sunday, November 12, 2017

Little Surprises Add to Life's Enjoyment

Sometimes the littlest surprises make life sweeter.

They can take place just about anywhere including the supermarket.

For example,  in our house, we love olive oil.
It usually costs about $24.99 for a gallon and that's a lot of money for our grocery budget.

It does, however, last quite awhile. 

While grocery shopping recently, Filippo Berio Olive Oil was on my list.

One can could be found on the supermarket shelf and, lo and behold, it was on sale!

The price tag on it was $18.99, a $6 savings. Yippah!

Does anyone know who Filippo Berio was or anything about his background?



Red Rose Alley said...

I'm glad you got your favorite olive oil at a lower price. Yes, things like that happen to me often. I needed cranberry tablets one day, and they're so expensive, and what do you know, they were on sale! It put a smile on my face. Enjoy your olive oil, Susan. It sounds great for cooking. Oh my, it's been around since 1867.

love, ~Sheri


What a lovely bargain you found. I use olive oil too and know how expensive it can be.

diane.stetson said...

I use any kind of olive oil. I buy the cheapest one every time I shop. It all tastes the same to me. Glad you found a bargain. I love to shop with my grocery card as it tells me how much savings I save each week when I go there. Love it. My daughter in law brought me a polar bear and igloo which lights up for my yard during Christmas. She found it on the side of the road and surprised me with it. I can't wait to light it up...ha ha.

Chatty Crone said...

That is not the kind I use - but tell me the story of it! I use olive oil too. I had trouble leaving comments yesterday and I am hoping today it works.

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